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Meredith's Magnificent Seven ATF Universe Fan Fiction

Below is a listing of links to Magnificent Seven fanfic I've written set in the ATF universe MOG created. (thanks MOG!) Some of these stories have been posted at Blackraptor's Magnificent Seven Fan Fiction site. Some are only posted here.

I have instituted the new Fan Rated Rating system. The breakdown of the codes is as follows:

  • FRC - Fan Rated Suitable For Children
  • FRT - Fan Rated Suitable for Teens
  • FRM - Fan Rated For Mature Audiences

Please read and enjoy.

About Birthdays: (FRC) Chris and Vin have a discussion about birthdays.

Addiction: (FRC) JD tells Chris something disturbing about Vin. Chris decides to check it out.

Adding A Little Color: (FRC) Someone thinks the office is a little bland.

Ailments Of The Undead: (FRC) Vin has agreed to help Josiah on Halloween.

And I Know How To Use It: (FRC) How a bumper sticker was applied to Chris' truck and what it says.

Answering Blood's Cry: (FRT) A long-open ATF bombing case comes to Denver and Team 7 gets involved.

The Bonds Of Brotherhood: (FRT) Ezra is recovering from a case gone bad, Vin and JD are injured, Josiah is injured and loses his memory and a vengeful bootlegger takes exception to them

Caught... In The Act: (FRC) My response to the "Fanfic Challenge" where one or more of the guys is writing fan fiction and one or more of the others find out about it.

Chicken Surprise: (FRC) Chris and Mary go to a Chinese restaurant - yes, it is a joke.

Computer Solutions: (FRC) Buck's having a bad computer day.

Conference Woes: (FRC) JD, Ezra and Josiah are at a conference. Then the elevators stop working.

Courage: (FRC) Nettie is there when one of the Seven needs her.

Daddy's In Denver: (FRT Crossover with Buffy The Vampire Slayer) Buffy and Dawn receive a surprise and surprise Chris in return, leaving Vin in the middle.

Due By Noon: (FRC) The team has been looking for Henry Carson; JD found a lead.

Ezra's Essays: (FRC) Buck stops by Ezra's and finds one of Ezra's elementary school essays.

First Camping Trip: (FRC) JD's thoughts as the team goes on their first camping trip.

The Friendship Collection: Explanations: (FRC) What have the guys been up to while Chris was still at work?

The Friendship Collection: An Important Lesson: (FRC) Ezra's moving and thought no one knew. What happens when the boys arrive to help?

The Friendship Collection: Coffee With Bear Milk And Friendship: (FRT) Chris is trying to have a quiet day when Vin shows up and insists they go on a ride.

The Ghostly Hitchhiker (Urban Legends Seven Style): (FRC) Vin and Chris are traveling Halloween night when they stop to help a lady in trouble.

Graduation Day: (FRC) Before the team is formed, Buck seeks out alternate avenues of investigation into the deaths of Sarah and Adam Larabee.

A Holiday Curse: (FRC) It's Thanksgiving and the boys are reminiscing about the holidays throughout the past year.

Incidental Memory: (FRT) An event in the present brings back a ten year old memory to Chris.

Incidental Memory 2 - The Forty Dollar Question: (FRC) The night after Chris remembers his meeting with young Vin Tanner, he seeks more information about his friend's life.

Meditation On Hope 1: (FRC) Josiah's thoughts on hope.

Meditation On Hope 2: (FRT) Some more of Josiah's thoughts on hope.

Our Hero: (FRC) Everyone knows Buck is a hero, so why doesn't he want the guys to know about his latest exploits?

Passing Time In Traffic Jams: (FRC) The guys are on their way to an off-site meeting along with two of their support staff. Then they got stuck in a traffic jam. This is one idea on thow they dealt with it.

Prefix Series: (Various) As series of short scenes and tales of the seven crossing paths before the team was formed.
Quality Of Light: (FRT) It's eighteen months after the death of Sarah and Adam. Chris is looking to escape his sorrows.

Ketchup For Life: (FRC) JD and his mother have just driven across the country to try a new treatment. With his mother checked in, JD is feeling lost, alone and scared. Can a stranger help him?

Xanthan Gum For The Soul: (FRC) Buck picks Chris up at the bar after the fight in "Quality Of Light" and takes him to the hospital. Despairing over Larabee's state, he strikes up a conversation with his neighbor, Josiah Sanchez and learns a thing or two about hope and about himself.

A Reason For Thanks (A Magnificent Seven Thanksgiving Tale): (FRT) It's Thanksgiving Day, a day for the Seven to celebrate. Unfortunately, Vin and JD have been loaned out to another team and the bust is going down that day. When things go wrong, will there be a reason for thanks?

Scavenger Hunt: (FRC) Ezra is invited to a party and everyone comes along. (W.O.W. response to several challenges)

Service With A Smile: (FRC) Ezra thinks on one of the easier "nearly impossible" cases Team Seven closed

The Silent Father: (FRT - Adult Situation) It's Father's Day and Buck has something to share. **Warning tissue may be needed**

Speeding Along (Urban Legends Seven Style): (FRC) Buck is far from home and gets caught speeding. Will he get out of the ticket?

Stress Relief: (FRC) The office is a little tense, somthing's got to give.

Takedown: (FRT) A poem about a bust.

To Your Health: (FRT) In which Ezra and Vin are sent to Ohio on assignment to catch an old foe.

Vision In Pink: (FRC) In which a diskette leads to a little chaos.

Well Connected: (FRC) In which JD tries to find out how Vin gets all the treats.

Winner's Choice: (FRC) Vin is amused by Chris' response to losing a bet.

A Woman's Touch: (FRC) Mary goes to a lunch with Team Seven only to find they need a woman's touch