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Meredith's "Without A Trace" Fan Fiction

A while ago I got sucked into the Fan Fiction Underworld. Most of what I've been writing is in relation to "The Magnificent Seven" and their various universes. However, recently, other shows that I enjoy watching have been cropping up with short scenes and story ideas.

Here are some pieces that I've written using "Without A Trace" and it's characters.

By the way, I don't own any of the characters, people with a lot more money do. I'm just borrowing them and promise to put them back unharmed when I'm done.

Quiet Moments Of Reflection(collection)

Betsey: Martin helps out a female in need.

Fears Of A Father: Victor reflects on his role as Father.

Sharing A Cab: My idea of what Martin and Samantha were each thinking at the end of Season 2 after Samantha asked Martin to share a cab.

Seeking Peace: This is just a short scene for Martin that came to mind. ** warning - mentions the death of a child **

Finding Me: This crossover with The Magnificent Seven Little Britches ATF AU is written from Martin's perspective as he is working on a case. ** Warnings - Emotional angst, mention of adult situation **

Standoff: This story was written for the July Picture Challenge. It was a picture of Martin with his his gun drawn, ready to fire. Field Experience: Crossover with "The Sentinel" set prior to the beginning of "Without A Trace" series. A challenge I set for myself - 500 words, crossover.