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Meredith's Magnificent Seven Fan Fiction Main Page

Welcome to my Magnificent Seven Fan Fiction Main Page. I put this here so you could have an easier time deciding where to go, especially since not everyone likes all the universes. Most of the stories here are archived at Blackraptor's Magnificent Seven site. The Blackraptor site is chock full of great fiction, so take your time and read.

Please click on the link below to be lead to the Magnificent Seven Universe of your choice.

***MMW's October 2007 40-Prompts Challenge Page***
To get past my writer's block on my WIPs, I've set myself the challenge of writing 40 short fics/ficlets/scenes based off of the 40 prompts given in the specified AU's. Deadline is November 1. As I finish the prompt, I will link the story associated with the prompt to the word on the chart.

Alphabetic Story Index: An alphabetic listing of all of my Magnificent Seven Fanfic stories that have been posted to the web. Note: This does not include my responses to the M7M challenges.

Character Story Index: A breakdown of the stories I have written by character.

New and Updated Story Listing: A listing of what I have recently posted or updated.

Meredith's M7 Old West stories: This page contains links to stories about the Magnificent Seven that I have set in the Old West.

Meredith's M7 ATF Universe stories: This page contains links to stories I have written about the Magnificent Seven that are set in MOG's ATF universe. (Thanks MOG!)

Meredith's M7 Little Britches stories: This page contains links to stories I have written in various Little Britches Universes. There are a number of people to thank for these wonderful universes.

Meredith's M7 Other AU stories: This page contains a listing of non-ATF, non-Old West and non-Little Britches AU's in which I've written stories. Some of the stories here are works in progress, others are in closed AUs.

Meredith's M7 Insta-Fics: This is a listing of my insta-fics. What is an insta-fic? A very short scene designed to bring a smile to your face.

Meredith's M7 Works In Progress: This page contains my M7 works in progress. These are stories I have been working on sproatically or consistently. If you want to see what I'm working on, this is the place to go.

Meredith's Responses to the M7M challenges: Every Monday, Nancy or Lady Angel offer up a challenge - write a 100 word drabble on the topic given. These are my responses to the offered challenges.

Meredith's Word Of The Week Challenge Answers: There is a yahoo group which challenges the writer to use the word given in a fic. The catch? You only have 15 minutes to write. So, expect a few mistakes and some plots not fully developed, but these are fun!