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Meredith's Magnificent Seven Little Britches Fan Fiction

Below is a listing of links to Magnificent Seven fanfic I've written set in the Little Britches universes. Some of these stories have been posted at Blackraptor's Magnificent Seven Fan Fiction site.

Little Britches Old West AU
This universe is courtesy of J. K. Poffenberger who turned Vin Tanner into a seven year old orphan boy and JD Dunne into his 5 year old orphaned cousin. Chris and Buck become their guardians.

I have used the Fan Rated Rating System on these. The codes are as follows:

  • FRC - Fan Rated Suitable For Children
  • FRT - Fan Rated Suitable For Teens
  • FRM - Fan Rated Suitable For Mature Audiences

Little Britches Old West
Ezra Claus: (FRC) As Christmas approaches, Ezra discovers he's bought far more gifts than he thought. What should he do?

Ezra Claus 2: Santa's Sack: (FRC) What happens after Ezra solves his problem.

Glass, Frogs, Shoes: (FRC) A typical Saturday morning for the boys.

The Most Special Day: (FRC) It's a very special day for Chris and Vin

Plus One: (FRC) The seven get a surprise.

Ponderings: (FRC) Vin's thinking over the events of the day, when an odd realization strikes.

Retribution: (FRT) Chris and Buck are on their way home; Josiah, Ezra and Nathan are babysitting. Storms are raging and strangers are in town. What could possibly go wrong? Warning: There is minor violence toward a child in this. It is not described in detail and the child recovers quickly. If you can't andle that, please don't read.

Riding Herd: (FRC) What happens when Vin and JD invite a few friends over. (W. O. W. response for "outrider")

Shared Tradition: (FRC) Vin and Nathan discover they share a Christmas tradition.

Little Britches ATF AU
Thanks to Barbretta Hayden's Dreaming Of Angels, the seven are brought into the modern day with Vin a seven year old orphan and JD a five year old orphan who are found living in a warehouse where the rest of the team is on a bust.

Beach Bunnies: (FRC) Chris, JD and Vin are setting out for a day at the beach.

Convoy: (FRC) Vin and JD are focused on their convoy when Buck overhears their communication.

The Date: (written with Estee) (Rated FRC) Chris goes on a date and Vin and JD have a few questions

Everyday Heroes: School's Out!: (Rated FRC - my contribution to the "Everyday Heroes" series) School is ending for the year and summer vacation is about to begin. But there are still a few lessons for the boys to learn.

Finding Me: (FRT - emotional angst) Chris, Buck, Vin and JD are on vacation in New York City when Vin vanishes in Central Park. ** Note: this fic is a Without A Trace / M7 LB-ATF crossover with the emphasis here on Without A Trace**

Finder's Keepers: (FRC) Vin helps Ezra look for something

Fire Drill: (FRC) Vin and JD are at school for the first time and the fire alarm goes off.

Did He Just Say Frolic? - 3: (FRC) My third response to the Short-fic challenge to use the phrase "Did he just say frolic?" in a short fic.

Intervention (FRC): Chris has a problem and Vin decides to take action. (W.O.W. response for "intervention")

Obeying Traffic Signs: (FRC) Vin and JD are camping out at a National Park with their dads when...

Picking Day: (FRC) JD tells Buck about picking Strawberries with Vin and Chris

Pumpkin Tales: (FRC) Vin and JD are carving Jack-o-lanterns with their uncles and ask Josiah where the tradition started.

Sick Day: (FRC) JD has a report to do, but there's just too many other things to do.

Puzzling A Family Together: Skunked! (FRC): My contribution to the "Puzzling Out Life's Little Lessons" series. Just a nice, quiet, normal week for the boys.

Reading Lessons (FRT - suggestive paragraph): Vin's homework is to read something he's never read before. Unfortunately he's read all his own books. That just leaves Chris and Buck's... (W.O.W. response to "ravage")

Stolen Moment: (FRC) In this brief scene, we see Vin and Chris 30 years after they first meet in Dreaming Of Angels.

A Taste For It: (FRC) JD seeks out his favorite sweet after being told not to.

Thanksgiving At Home: (FRC) It's Thanksgiving and Chris, Buck, Vin and JD are spending it at home.

Tie My Shoes: (FRC) JD learns something new.

Unexpected Visit: (FRT) Nathan and Raine return from their honeymoon and JD catches them in a awkward situation.

Words Once Spoke Can't Be Taken Back: (FRT) Chris' worry get the better of him and he says things he regrets.

Little Britches Dungeons & Dragons AU
Nancy W. has done a wonderful job taking the Little Britches AU into the Dungeons and Dragons universe. Her story Small Treasures sets the scene.

Checking Up: (FRC) A brief scene between Josiah and Maude

Descent: (FRC) A brief interlude in Chris' life while the seven travel home

Did He Just Say Frolic? - 2: (FRC) My second response to the Short Fic Challenge in which the writer was to write a short fic in which the phrase "Did he just say frolic?" is used.

Failed Resistace: (FRC) A short scene where Buck is hiding from JD

Please Believe Me: (FRC) Josiah is looking for Vin who disappeared after a confrontation with JD (short)

Storm Watching: (FRC) A short scene between Nathan and Ezra set during a storm

Miscellaneous Children AU's
These are stories I've written (or am writing) in various AUs where one or more of the seven are children or have children. Most of these AU's are mine, but when they are not, I have so noted.

Thank You Dinner (Cub and Kit AU): (FRC) Jim and Blair have agreed to watch Vin and Ezra while Chris and the others are on assignment. Vin and JD decide to thank them by making dinner.

The Best Birthday Gift (Cub and Kit AU): (FRC - Tissue warning) Buck is watching over Vin and Ezra while Chris is out of town. But it's his birthday and that brings up some painful memories.

When Did I Lose Control? (Angel Girl Series): (FRC)In this series Buck has a daughter and Vin ended up with triplets! This is just a little fic about Vin and his kids.

Whispers Of History (Lost Lambs AU): (FRT - kind of scary) An old friend of Buck and Chris' passes away and they take the boys (Vin, Ezra and JD) with them to the funeral - in Tombstone, AZ. (Note: this is in response to the "Tombstone Challenge")