40 Prompts Challenge - Prompt 12: Strawberries - Little Britches ATF

Picking Day

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Universe: Little Britches ATF
Characters: JD, Buck
Rating: Suitable for all ages
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Picking Day

Buck jumped slightly as the screen door slammed into the wall. He stood when he heard his son cry, "Da!" Smiling, he headed toward the hall to greet JD, Vin and Chris upon their return from picking strawberries. He felt a little disappointed that he couldn't go himself, but the brace on his kneed made squatting or sitting on the ground painful. So he volunteered to stay at home and take care of the berries once the pickers returned.

He barely had time to brace himself before a dark haired ball of energy ran into him.

"Da! Da! We got loads of strawberries! They're so yummy and warm. Vin and I tested each quart. Even Chris tried some," JD babbled. A wide smile spread across his face and he covered his mouth as he giggled.

"Sounds great, Little Bit. Where are Vin and Chris?"

JD's smile grew wider. "They're bringing in the strawberries."

"That's great, now what's so funny?"

"Well, Chris put the sun block on Vin and me, but said he didn't need any and now he looks as red as the strawberries!"


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