40 Propmts Challenge - Prompt 28: Plead - Little Britches Dungeons And Dragons

Failed Resistance

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Universe: Little Britches Dungeons and Dragons
Characters: Buck, JD
Rating: Suitable for all ages
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Failed Resistance

Running the brush along the flank of his horse, Buck could only pray that JD would fail to think of looking for him here.

He loved the boy to bits, but when the lad set his mind on something, very little, if anything would dissuade him from his purpose for long. What made it worse were the irresistible, big, brown, pleading eyes the boy used. A shudder ran through the man as he thought of that most terrifying weapon. The first time JD used those eyes to plead his case, Buck fell faster than a lightning-struck tree. He tried resisting those eyes again and again with no luck. His only defense was to be elsewhere whenever JD would look at him with those.

Once again, he thought about having Vin talk to JD, since the little half-elf seemed to be the only one immune to the look, though, that may have more to do with their being cousins and Vin being able to create the same look only with blue instead of brown eyes.

“Buck? You in here?” a child's voice asked.

Biting back a groan of defeat, he replied, “Back here, JD. Just finishing up with my horse.”

“Oh, OK.”

Buck listened as JD made his way back toward the stall. The boy knew better than to get into the stall with him, but that didn't mean he wouldn't watch. As soon as he heard JD climb the slats, Buck knew, he could feel it. Those big, brown, pleading eyes were boring relentlessly into him, breaking down his resolve. Tiny beads of sweat broke out on his forehead as he struggled to resist. As his hands started to shake, he knew he lost.

Turning to face the child, he felt the last of his resolve crumble as his eyes met JD's. Sure enough, he wore that big-eyed pleading look. Letting out a defeated sigh, Buck agreed, “Fine, JD. You can have it.”

The brilliant smile and squeal of joy as the boy threw open his arms waiting for a hug, almost made being defeated by a young child worth it.


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