40 Propmts Challenge - Prompt 30: Storm - Little Britches Dungeons And Dragons

Storm Watching

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Universe: Little Britches Dungeons and Dragons
Characters: Nathan, Ezra
Rating: Suitable for all ages
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Storm Watching

For as long as he could remember, Nathan loved storms. The wildness ad freedom of the wind, the way it and the thunder shake the world and change it; the pouring rain, cleansing and watering, knocking down that which should not stand and leaving behind the strong and those that can recover and be strong.

Glancing across the room, Nathan's eyes fell on Ezra. As much as Nathan loved a good storm, Ezra hated them. Given that today would be the first time the boy could go outside in the past two weeks, the healer could understand the disappointment he saw in the lad's disposition, but as the lightning struck and the thunder rattled the walls, he saw pure fear in Ezra's eyes and posture.

Knowing that saying anything about his fear would lead Ezra to deny it as well as trigger an argument, Nathan moved to his work table hoping to find something to do that would distract Ezra from his fear.

Noting the herbs on the table, Nathan began contemplating what he could make. “Ezra, would you like to help me make some salves?”

Ezra opened his moth to refuse, but another flash of lightning and roll of thunder had him standing beside the healer in no time.

Suppressing a smile at the boy's change of heart, Nathan began talking about the different herbs, their uses, their appearance, where to find them, their properties and how to harvest them. A few times, Ezra already knew the herbs and informed Nathan of how he and Josiah used them with their magic.

Ezra soon focused so intently on the herbs and their conversation that he no longer noticed the lightning and thunder, the howling of the wind or even the moment the storm passed.


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