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Thanksgiving At Home

Disclaimer: The characters of “The Magnificent Seven” belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc and are used here without permission. No copyright infringement is intended. The Little Britches universe was created by JK Poffenberger and S Berry. It was brought into the ATF universe by Barbaretta Hayden.
Characters: Chris, Buck, Vin, JD
Rating: suitable for all ages
Warnings: This story includes bad jokes.
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Thanksgiving At Home

The four members of the Larabee/Wilmington/Tanner/Dunne household were sitting quietly in the den, watching the Thanksgiving Day parade on television and marveling at the floats and marching bands. The boys, young and old, had been looking forward to the special day they could spend together. Originally they had invited all of their friends and family, but everyone else had been tied up.

Deciding to forego the traditional Turkey dinner, the four had decided to start a different tradition. They had a large breakfast that included pancakes, sausages, sweet rolls, fruit and cereal. At noon, weather permitting, they would take their pre-packed lunches and go for a long ride returning home before sunset. Chris would then fire up the grill and cook steaks while Buck made salad, dinner rolls and a vegetable (not broccoli by request of the youngest). Mrs. Potter had left them apple, pecan and pumpkin pies for dessert.

JD and Vin were lying on the floor on their stomachs when the young brunet started giggling.

“What’s so funny?” Buck asked.

“Nothing,” JD replied, giggling again.

“Come on, share,” Chris encouraged, setting aside the paper he’d been skimming.

Rolling onto his side, JD looked back at the two men. “O. K., “ he said. “What happened to the turkey when he got into a fight?”

Vin’s head flopped onto his arms. It was a JD joke and those were always bad.

“Don’t know,” Buck admitted, knowing he might regret this. “What happened?”

JD started laughing. “He got the stuffing knocked out of him!” he replied, his laughter increasing at Vin’s groan.

When the boy had settled some, Chris spoke up next. “That was good, JD,” he encouraged. “But do you know why they asked the turkey to be the drummer in the band?”

Vin looked up at his father in horror. Was Chris really going to tell a JD, joke?

“No,” JD replied after a minute’s thought. “Why did they ask him to be the drummer?”

“Because he had the drumsticks!” Chris answered, getting a groan from Buck and a soft giggle from Vin. JD was laughing loudly.

When the laughter died down, Buck decided it was time for his own Thanksgiving joke. “Well, that was good, Chris. But do you know why the turkey didn’t eat any dessert?” When everyone shook their heads, he smiled broadly, threw out his arms as if it was obvious and said, “Because he was stuffed!”

The laughter that filled the room eventually died, though the smiles remained.

“Your turn, Vin!” JD insisted excitedly.

Vin looked a little uncomfortable at the attention and quietly admitted, “I don’t know any turkey jokes.”

“That’s alright,” Chris said, not wanting Vin to be uncomfortable.

“I do know one that’s kind of a Thanksgiving joke,” he admitted shyly, a twinkle in his eye.

“Well, don’t hold back, son. Tell it!” Buck encouraged.

“When was the first time the pilgrims said ‘God Bless America’?” he asked, waiting for an answer. He saw the thoughtful looks pass over everyone’s faces before they all shrugged. Vin smiled a little wider as he gave the answer. “The first time America sneezed!”

Laughter once more filled the room and Chris quickly stood and scooped Vin into his arms, quickly blowing a raspberry on his stomach, causing the boy to laugh even harder.

Buck quickly followed suit, scooping JD up and tickling his small charge.

Blue eyes met hazel over the squirming boys in their arms, the message clear in both sets of eyes. This year Buck and Chris had a whole lot to be thankful for.


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