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Did He Just Say Frolic - 2

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Challenge: Short Fic Challenge - use the phrase "Did he just say frolic?" in a short fic
Note: This is the second of three answers to this challenge. The other two are in different AU's.
Universe: Little Britches Dungeons & Dragons
Rating: FRC
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Did He Just Say Frolic - 2

Josiah watched as Chris walked over to the door and stared out of it for several minutes. A smile appeared on the wizardís face. He knew the boys and Buck were late, but he also knew they would be fin in Buckís hands. Chris was worrying, though. He didnít like it when people were late. "Theyíll be here, Chris," he soothed. "Just calm down."

Chris scowled at Josiah and stalked back into the room where he once more took up sharpening the edge of his sword. After several minutes, both men heard voices approaching. Rushing to the door, Chris felt as if a weight had been lifted when he spotted Buck, Nathan, Ezra, Vin and JD on their way back to the keep. The mercenary smiled slightly when he heard a sigh emanate from Josiah who was right by his shoulder. Apparently Chris wasnít the only one who had been worried.

As the group approached, Chris smile faded a little. The boys and the men were covered in dirt and grass. As they got closer, Chris set aside his concerns as Vinís beaming face looked at him. Unable to stop the smile that grew, Chris allowed his love for the young half-elf to shine through his eyes as Vin ran up to his dad.

Throwing his arms around Chris, Vin almost giggled with joy when his hug was returned. Releasing the man who had become his father, Vin looked up and smiled when he saw the unconditional love in the green eyes.

"What did you learn today?" Chris asked, wondering at the sparkling eyes of his boy.

"We learned all sorts of things," Vin said excitedly, talking uncharacteristically fast. "We learned all sorts of plants and what to eat and what not to eat and what can help make you feel better and we learned some games and we learned to frolic and how to hold a sword and..."

Chris laughed softly and placed a hand over his sonís mouth. "Take a breath, Vin," he smiled. He was rewarded with a giggle. "Why donít you and the others go get washed up," he suggested.

"OK," Vin agreed turning and calling," Címon Ez, JD. Letís get cleaned up for dinner!"

As Buck and Nathan approached Chris, the blond looked at them and shook his head. Then, capturing Nathanís eyes, he asked the healer, "Did he just say frolic?"

Nathan laughed and clapped Chris on the shoulder. "That ainít the half of it," he admitted, shaking his head.

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