40 Prompt Challenge - Prompt 14: Beach - Little Britches ATF

Beach Bunnies

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Universe: Little Britches ATF
Characters: Vin, JD, Chris
Rating: Suitable for all ages
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Beach Bunnies

Chris entered the house to get Vin and JD. Originally, the four members of their family were planning on going to a nearby lake together, but Buck got called away to assist another team and had to miss the adventure. Now, with all of the items they needed loaded into the truck, Chris just needed to get the boys and get on their way.

Entering the house, he looked for the boys everywhere, finally finding them in the kitchen in front of the refrigerator. The words he would use froze on his lips as he heard part of their discussion.

"I still think lettuce would be a better lure," Vin stated.

"But you always see them eating carrots," JD protested.

"That's only on television. If they're going to eat, I think they want lettuce. It's more like grass and stuff."

"We could bring both and that way the bunnies will have a choice."

"That sounds good, JD." After a moment's hesitation, Vin asked, "Do you really think they'll let us keep the bunnies? I mean we already have Torkus and the dogs and all."

"I think so," JD replied decidedly. "After all, why else would Da talk about catching himself a beach bunny if he didn't mean to keep it?"


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