40 Prompt Challenge - Prompt 11: Awkward - Little Britches ATF

Unexpected Visit
by MMW

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Universe: Little Britches ATF
Characters: JD, Nathan, Raine
Rating: Suitable for people over 13
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Unexpected Visit

Charging down the hallway, JD ignored Vin's call to slow down. Uncle Nathan and Aunt Raine were finally back from their honeymoon and JD couldn't wait to see them, even it had to be at the hospital.

Having discovered which room they were in, JD charged ahead. With all the energy of his age, he reached the door, shoved it open and cried, "Uncle Nathan, Aunt Raine!" Then he stopped cold, eyes widening at the site before him. Aunt Raine was lying on the bed in there with Uncle Nathan ontop of her. JD noticed that Uncle Nathan had his hand under Aunt Raine's shirt and on a no-no place.

Hurriedly removing his hand and standing up, Nathan struggled to think of something to say in this awkward situation.

Before he could think of anything to say or JD could ask a question, Vin appeared in the doorway. Completely unaffected by the awkward atmosphere in the room, he smiled and greeted, "Hi, Uncle Nathan, Aunt Raine. Welcome home."


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