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A Taste For It

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Author's Note:Just a short little something that came to mind. Actually, my brother had the little problem I give JD in this and the punishment is exactly what my mom did to cure him.
Universe: Little Britches ATF
Rating: FRC
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A Taste For It

JD poked his head around the corner. He knew most likely everyone was still asleep. He was a little nervous about doing this in secret, but it was his only chance.

He’d waited and watched patiently the day before. He’d been as good as he could. He didn’t chatter too much about it and didn’t even ask that many questions. But he just couldn’t get the thought out of his head.

He’d been good at dinner, eating all of his vegetables in the hope Chris and Buck would let him have a taste. He’d played quietly and been on his best behavior after dinner while watching tv and playing. He hadn’t even complained when Vin asked to use his red crayon even though JD needed it just then.

He had tried so hard, but he just couldn’t be good anymore. It was time to act.

Patiently, he lay in bed waiting for the sounds of the house to quiet. He knew when Vin finally fell asleep and sighed in relief. He waited by the door, waiting for the sound of Buck and Chris to retire. He must have fallen asleep while waiting because when he woke up it was quiet. Looking out his window, he could see that it was still dark outside. He listened quietly but didn’t hear anything.

Sneaking into the kitchen, he made his way to the refrigerator and opened the door. He had just removed the bowl when the overhead light turned on. Startled, he nearly dropped the bowl as he spun around.

Eyes wide from surprise and guilt, he found himself looking at Buck and Chris.

Chris had been sitting in the darkened livingroom rocking quietly in the rocking chair when he saw the small form make its way down the hall. He’d seen JD’s fascination with the bowl. All night the boy had been on his best behavior and now he had an idea why. A small smile formed on his face as he recalled his own childhood adventures. Making his way silently to Buck’s room, he awoke his friend and led him to the kitchen where they were in time to watch JD remove the bowl of frosting.

Flipping on the light, they saw the boy turn quickly, nearly dropping the bowl.

“Midnight snack?” Buck asked, looking at his son. A part of him was disappointed, another part amused and still another point wanted to give in to the boy. They had discovered early on that JD’s love of sugary treats made it nearly impossible for him to resist the temptation of frosting. He would snitch frosting while it was being made, while it was being used and even lick the bowl clean. Buck, Chris and Mrs. Potter had let it go until he started leaving fingermarks in cakes. Then they had sat JD down and discussed why it wasn’t nice to do that. When JD had eaten the frosting and the lettering off of Vin’s birthday cake, causing the young blond to cry at his birthday, it was the last straw.

Buck and Chris had discussed it with each other and then Buck told JD exactly what would happen if he stole frosting again - no horses, no camping, no tv, no friends over and no computer for a week. They thought they’d gotten through to the boy. They soon discovered their error. The next birthdays were for Buck and Chris. Both times JD found himself grounded. They had discussed what to do to help break JD of his frosting habit and had decided that they would have to take drastic measure.

The temptation had just been too great when Mrs. Potter ran out of time to frost the cake and had stored the frosting overnight. They suspected that JD’s unusually good behavior was a sign that he was planning something and now they knew what it was.

“Have a seat at the table, Little Bit,” Buck advised, his tone serious. He watched as JD hung his head and wandered over to the table. Exchanging a look with Chris the two men smiled at each other. Chris walked over and got a spoon while Buck sat down next to JD. Moving the bowl of frosting to rest in front of JD, Buck uncovered it and set the spoon down beside it. He saw Chris lean against the doorframe and fold his arms over his chest. Buck looked into the sad, scared, guilty brown eyes of his son. “JD, son,” he began, “You know you aren’t supposed to steal frosting, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” JD mumbled, wondering how much trouble he was in.

Buck nodded. “We’ve tried explaining to you why you shouldn’t steal frosting, why you shouldn’t eat too much of it. You remember how upset Vin was?” He saw the tears in his son’s eyes as the boy remembered how he had almost ruined Vin’s birthday by snitching the frosting off the cake. “Well,” Buck continued, “nothing seems to be getting through to you, so we’re going to try something different.” He saw JD turn curious brown eyes on him. Holding out the spoon, he said, “Since you love frosting so much, I want you to eat this whole bowl of it.”

JD’s eyes grew large. He thought he was going to get into trouble but instead Buck was going to let him eat all the frosting! Slowly, disbelief coloring his every move, JD took the spoon. Looking up at his father one more time to be sure this was OK, he saw Buck nod. Smiling, he took the spoon and began eating the frosting.

The two men watched as the boy dug into the frosting. They both knew his enthusiasm would soon be tempered by too much sugar. Giving a brief not to Buck, Chris made his way down the hall to the bathroom to prepare for JD’s inevitable stomach ache.

Eight minutes into the frosting feast, the two men saw JD’s spoon slow and heard him sigh. “Still got a ways to go there, Little Bit,” Buck advised, noting that not quite half of the frosting had disappeared.

JD looked up at his father. He didn’t feel very good. His stomach was upset and the frosting had stopped tasting good a long time ago. “Pappa, I doesn’t feel so good,” he said.

Buck evaluated his son, he judged they had a few minutes before he got sick. “You wanted the frosting so much you snuck into the kitchen to snitch it. I would expect you would want to finish it.” He caught the look of dismay on his son’s face as he looked at the bowl of frosting. “I suppose if you don’t want to finish it now you could have the rest for breakfast.” Buck caught Chris’s hand move to cover his smile as the blond suppressed a chuckle.

JD was horrified. Finish the rest for breakfast? He didn’t care if he ever had frosting again. He didn’t like it anymore. It didn’t taste good and his stomach was really feeling bad. “I’s sorry Pappa. I don’t want frosting anymore. I don’t like it, please don’t make me eat it for breatfast,” he pleaded.

Buck and Chris exchanged nods. “All right, Little Bit,” Buck conceded. “But I don’t want to ever see you snitch frosting from a bowl or cake again,” he advised, smiling at JD’s nod of agreement. Chris indicated he was headed off to bed and Buck sighed. He’d deal with the upset tummy himself.

“Papa,” JD said, his voice filled with distress, “I really doesn’t feel so good.”

Buck’s eyes grew wide. Picking up his son, he ran for the bathroom.

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