40 Propmts Challenge - Prompt 29: Lower - Little Britches Dungeons And Dragons


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Universe: Little Britches Dungeons and Dragons
Characters: Chris
Rating: Suitable for all ages
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As a Ranger, Chris frequently found himself in unique situations. Some proved exciting, some terrifying, some enjoyable and some nightmarish. He would definitely classify this latest as the last – a nightmare.

Unfortunately, no one else could do this job. Of the four of them, he was best suited. Still, he wondered how they convinced him to the one they would lower into the well. Sall, dark, dank places fell into the category of “avoid at all costs” for him. He felt no fear of such places, but enough unpleasant things happened in small, dark spaces that he had no desire to voluntarily enter them. Yet, he found himself doing just that. Hearing the child's weak whimper, he knew exactly how they convinced him to do this. “Lower,” he called up as he found his descent stopped.

Passing through a town on their way home, a man ran into the town calling frantically for help. A group of robbers and thieves rode through the man's property and threatened him. When his daughter tried to run away to get help, they caught her and dropped her in the well. The group finally left and he came immediately to get help.

Unable to leave a man in such dire straights, Chris and the others volunteered to get the girl. They already knew they would be chasing down the group of outlaws.

When the reached the well, Chris was not only the lightest, but also the thinnest of the adults. Before he allowed himself to be lowered into the well, he knelt before the little half-elf who stole so much of his heart. He saw pride, love and a little fear in the wide blue eyes. “I'll be all right, Vin. It will just take a few minutes and then I'll be right back by your side.”

“I know. Just be safe,” he whispered. Reaching out, Vin hugged Chris, his only concession to the fear within his tiny frame.

Now, in the cool darkness, Chris couldn't wait to find the girl and get back to the surface. “I'm almost there, sweetheart,” he assured the whimpering girl. “Just a little lower and I'll be able to take you up to your family.


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