40 Prompts Challenge - Prompt 26: Believe - Little Britches D&D

Please Believe Me

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Universe: Little Britches Dungeons and Dragons
Characters: Josiah, Vin
Rating: Suitable for all ages
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Please Believe Me

Josiah let out a sigh of relief as he located the elusive little half-elf. Striding forward, he didn't bother to hide the sound of his movements, understanding that Vin already knew of his approach.

Settling beside the youngster, he waited, knowing Vin would speak his mind whe ready. Eventually, his patience paid off.

"I don't understand, Josiah. I don't lie, especially to JD. Why didn't he believe me?"

Josiah glanced at the confused and hurt eyes beside him before turning his attention to the landscape below, wondering how to answer that question Wrapping an arm around Vin's shoulders, he drew the boy into a one-armed hug, smiling slightly when he felt Vin relax into him. "Sometimes people aren't ready to believe things, Vin, especially when the things you're asking them to believe will change their view of the world around them, dreams they have or precious memories they hold in their hearts."

Vin sniffed, while tears shimmered in his eyes. "I didn't do it to make him think different of his mom. But he asked and I couldn't lie."

Giving Vin a quick sqeeze, Josiah responded, "You're right. You did nothing wrong, but JD just wasn't ready to hear what you had to say. He does believe you in some ways, but he isn't ready to accept all of what you told him."

After a few moments silence, Vin nodded his acceptance of the situation.

"Come on, Vin. Let's go home.


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