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Did He Just Say Frolic? - 3

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Challenge: Short Fic Challenge - use the phrase "Did he just say frolic" in a short fic
Note: This is the third answer to this challenge. The other two responses are in different AUs.
Universe: Little Britches ATF
Rating: FRC
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Did He Just Say Frolic? - 3

It was Monday morning and three of the members of ATF Team Seven sat at their desks exchanging worried glances. It was very unlike Chris and Buck to be late. They were each worried that something had happened to the boys that had caused the men to be late.

A few minutes later, Buck wandered into the office, a smile on his face, a bag of donuts in his hand. "Mornin’," he greeted, dropping the bag on the table they reserved for holding their snacks. Taking his seat, he booted up his PC and began to log in.

Before the others could ask him any questions, they heard the sound of jaunty whistling coming down the hall. They were rendered almost speechless when their normally dour, tough-as-nails Team leader walked in the door with a bounce in his step. Ending the tune he’d been whistling, he smiled broadly at the three men who sat staring at him mouths agape. "Mornin’ boys!" he greeted cheerily, nodding to each man as he headed toward his office.

"Good morning boss," Josiah said, finally finding his voice. "What did you do this weekend?" he wondered aloud, thinking that might explain the man’s unusual mood.

Chris stopped in the middle of the room, his eyes danced in merriment as his grin grew even wider. "Vin reminded me how to frolic," he responded as he entered his office and moved to his desk.

Josiah, Nathan and Ezra all looked at each other, their faces a study in stunned bafflement.

"Did he just say frolic?" Nathan asked.

"Yep!" came Buck’s reply as he grinned at his monitor.

The End

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