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This page contains links to stories I have written in "Other" AUs. For the purpose of this page, "Other" AU is defined as being anything other than Old West, ATF and Little Britches. While you will also find these story links on other pages on my site (and blackraptor), I thought having one location for them might prove helpful.

Twin Guides AU
This crossover AU is currently closed. It involves The Magnificent Seven and The Sentinel. I have created several ties within the two universes.
Growing Up: The twin guides are born and grow to adulthood. This fic provides some brief glimpses of this time in their lives.
Meeting Up: While Blair & Jim have been together a while, Blair's twin is just meeting his sentinel now. WARNING: Work In Progress!!!

Sign Of Seven AU
This AU is set in the future, 2077 to be precise. The Magnificent Seven are back, but this time they're taking on a new frontier - the internet. They are determined to release secrets that have harmed many, the government wants them and has declared them cyber-terrorists. Who's right? Who's wrong? And who, exactly, are the Seven?
Sign Of Seven: Missive 1: The Magnificent Seven ride again and reveal their existence in dramatic fashion.
Sign Of Seven: Missive 2: The second missive has been sent and the first secret revealed.
Sign Of Seven: Missive 3: The third missive has been sent and the second secret revealed.

Amoeba Theatre Presents
The Magnificent Seven as Amoebas? (Don't Ask) I can only blame a very late night and far too much PBS for this odd Combination.
Ghosts Of The Confederacy - Conclusion: The thrilling conclusion to "The Ghosts Of The Confederacy" as presented by Amoeba Theatre, where all the actors are amoeba.

The Cub And The Kit
This AU was created by Debra. In it Vin is an 11 year old Sentinel and Ezra is his 13 year old Guide. The rest of the Seven are working for the ATF and have recently relocated to Cascade, WA.
The Best Birthday Gift: It's Buck's Birthday and he's babysitting.
School Fieldtrip: WARNING: WORK IN PROGRESS!!! Vin goes on a school fieldtrip to a toy factory and Blair goes with him as a chaperone because a cold case suddenly turned hot for Chris. What could possibly go wrong?
Thank You Dinner: Blair and Jim have been watching Ezra and Vin. The boys decide to say thanks by making dinner.

This universe is loosely based on the "hard boiled detective" novels of the first part of the 20th century. It Is a closed AU currently.
The Case Of The Widows' Obsession: Long, leggy blonde Mary Travis hires Private Investigator Buck Wilmington to check out her competition.

Dark Secrets
This is really just an AU of the ATF universe. The only story in it so far is still a Work In Progress that I hope to finish soon.
Dark Secrets Unlocked: WARNING: WORK IN PROGRESS!! During a bust Vin's memories return revealing what he thought his life to be as nothing more than a lie. What secrets does he carry and how are the others involved?

Guardian Angel
A short fic about a day with the Seven from a different point of view.
Lesson Learned: Suitable for all ages. In response to a Word Of The Week Challenge.

Little Nathan
I wondered what Nathan would be like as a child, so I started this AU story. This is a work in progress, so until it's finished, it's a closed AU.
Little Nathan: WARNING: WORK IN PROGRESS!!! Chris and Vin stop a lynching.

Power Rangers Team Seven
There is a sudden influx in the number of Power Ranger Teams in the universe. Power Ranger Team Seven is a little unusual though. This is an open AU.
Power Rangers Team Seven: A brief introduction to Power Ranger Team Seven.

Lost Lambs
This AU created by Katy (KT) has Ezra, Vin and JD as children living with Chris and Buck as their guardians. Nathan has agreed to help out in town as the doctor and Josiah is the local priest and sometimes deputy.
Whispers Of History: Chris and Buck head to Tombstone, AZ for a friend's funeral, bringing the boys with them. Vin is especially excited since he's been hearing about the Wild West and wants to be a gunslinger. While there, Vin sees things that change his mind.

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