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Dark Secrets Unlocked

Title: Dark Secrets Unlocked

Author: MMW

Rating: FRT (Fan Rated Suitable For Teens) - language and violence

Universe: ATF-Dark Secrets/AU

Disclaimer: Don't own any of the characters that you recognize. Don't own ATF universe - MOG does. I promise to return everyone and everything back to its proper place when I'm done.

Author’s note: In the beginning, it was a simple idea.  Just a stray thought, a vague notion, something to pass the time. Then it evolved beyond the simple 2-page scene I had in mind. It seemed to take some sort of story growth hormone and things started going really, really wrong. Now, I fear it’s no longer just a simple diversion into MOG’s M7/ATF AU, but I fear my story had developed into a sub-universe of the ATF-AU, which we’ll call Dark Secrets for lack of any better idea at the moment.

The really scary thing is, it didn’t stop there. Oh, no. As if suddenly having a 2-page scene turn into a sub-AU wasn’t bad enough, my little plot decides to be a crossover. But does it decide to be a simple crossover with just one show? Oh, no. Couldn’t have anything simple like that. No, my mutant story decides it wants to crossover with both “Without A Trace” and “Now and Again”.

I’m going to find the person who fed my story idea story growth hormone and … nope better not say too much… Just know I will find you and I will obtain my retribution.

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