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Dark Secrets Unlocked

Part 7 (twenty-four years ago)

"Let's finish this with the psych report. What did your most recent tests find, Dr. Sanchez?" Dr. Connley asked.

The group was having its weekly update meeting. Josiah knew the results Connley wanted to hear, but he also knew that he would be unable to provide them. "Subject T-1427 is showing diminishing intelligence as his condition continues. He is still well above average, but has lost twelve IQ points since the beginning of the year. Subject T-1429 is showing well above average intelligence for a child of his age, but not near the genius level we are attempting to achieve. He has recently begun to display enhanced senses as well as a physical prowess beyond that of most two-year olds." Josiah noticed the disappointed looks on the faces around the table. Series T-1430 had proven unviable and they were still the better part of a year away from the correction for T-1431.

"Very well," the disappointed leader said. "Perhaps we should go back to T1429 and work from that strain instead of working from T-1430. But we can discuss that in the genetics meeting Tuesday. Thanks everyone, keep up the good work."

Josiah sighed and gathered his papers. He'd been there almost a year. He had been able to feed a lot of information to Victor, but has become more and more obsessed with the thought of getting the Eddie and Vin out of the compound. He could see the strain the enforced captivity was having on their mothers and it worried him. Having spent most of his free time the past year going over various escape routes, Josiah knew the path he would use to get the women out of the compound, just not how to get around the security system.

He headed down to the play area where he knew he'd find both mothers and their children. He had just opened the door when the lights went out. Two seconds later alarms began blaring across the compound. "Looks like my prayers have been answered," he said quietly.

Opening the door, he quickly moved over to the two mothers who were now holding their scared and crying children. "Move quickly and we can get out," he encouraged. Without hesitating, both women followed him, making their way along the path Josiah had spent so long planning and memorizing, stopping only briefly for him to pick up the backup tape of what was on the mainframe which included all of the program's files. In a short time they found fresh air and sunshine. He quickly got the four people into a nearby car and took off.


"I got everyone to safety and contacted some old friends to set up both women in locations where they would be least likely to be found. Emma and Vin Tanner ended up in Texas. Rosmary and Edward Coughlin ended up in Washington. I was the only one who knew their location, or so I thought."

(twenty years ago)

"I'm so sorry son," Josiah said to the young blue-eyed child. "Vin," he said kneeling down before the small boy, "the doctor said your mother doesn't have long to live. She's going to go live in Heaven."

Vin stared at the man with blue eyes. "Am I going with her?" he asked innocently.

Josiah smiled sadly. "No son, not for a very long time I hope," he said.

"Then why is mommy going?" the puzzled youngster asked. Fear and sadness suddenly flashed in his eyes. "Was I a bad boy?" he asked, tears glistening in his expressive blue orbs.

Josiah rested a hand upon the small shoulder. No child should be told this, none should bear this burden, he thought. "No son, you were a very good boy, but God needs your mommy in Heaven right now. She'll still be able to look down on you and make sure you're OK, though," he encouraged.

Vin nodded his head, his eyes showing that while he understood what Josiah told him, it didn't help his hurt.

Releasing a heavy sigh, Josiah offered the only thing he had, hope. "I'll make sure that when your mommy does finally go to heaven that you find a safe home. Is that OK?" he asked. He received a small nod. "Let's go see your mom," he said, taking the small form by the hand and leading him into the hospital room.


"Ya lied," Vin hissed. "Ya lied ta me then like ya've been lyin' ta me for the last two years."

"No," Josiah protested.

"Yes," Vin interrupted. "Ya said ya'd be back when the time came. Said ya'd found a good family for me." The sharpshooter snorted in derision. "Hell of a family," he accused. "Old Doc Connley was a hell of a father figure."

"That's not?" Josiah began before Vin cut him off.

"At my mother's funeral as they were leading me away, the social worker introduced me to my new father, Doctor John Connley?"

(After Emma Tanner?s Funeral)

"This man is going to be your new father, Vin," Miss Simpson said with a smile. "His name is John Connley. He's a doctor."

The man with cold brown eyes and graying hair knelt down before the small boy, sending a shiver of foreboding chasing down Vin's spine. "It's nice to see you again, Vin," he said, his nice manners and smiles obviously fooling the social worker, but not the small boy. "I have big plans for you, my boy. Big plans." Then standing he looked at Miss Simpson and took Vin's hand. "I think Vin and I will be leaving now. It's been a hard day on him."

"Alright," Miss Simpson agreed, happy to be rid of her charge.

"Say goodbye to Miss Simpson, Vin," Connley encouraged.

Vin looked up defiance struggling to be born in his blue eyes.

"Vin," Connley hissed. "Remember your manners," he reminded, adding what would normally be painful pressure to the boy's hand.

Looking back at the social worker, Vin offered a polite, "Goodbye, ma'am," before being pulled off into a waiting car.

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