The Magnificent Seven - ATF Alternat Universe

Dark Secrets Unlocked

Part 8

"Wait," JD interrupted, "How did Conney find Vin? Was he still working for the government?"

Josiah sighed. "After I got Vin, Eddie and their mothers out, Connley lost all his funding. All of his records and experiments were confiscated and he was out of business. I thought Vin and Eddie would be safe."

"But what about when they turned 15?" Chris asked, enthralled by the tale being recited.

"Another government group had been working on mapping the human mind and enhancing its use, making it more productive." Releasing a sigh, he looked at JD. "One year after I took Vin away, this group announced that they had found the correct combination of things that would increase the intelligence of any child once they were born. They were referred to as the I-series."

"Like JD?" Buck whispered, thinking back to the conversation earlier.

Ezra confirmed, "Yes, Mr. Willmington, like JD. We are, however, discussing Mr. Tanner's evident abduction by Dr. Connley."

"The same Dr. Connley..." JD began.

Vin flicked his hate-filled glare away from Josiah began before Vin cut him off with a look.

"Doesn't matter," Vin hissed, his eyes narrowing as he turned back to look at Josiah. "All I knew is that you said someone would be taking me to a good home. For all I knew Connley was it. But I was to learn my mistake, and quickly."

(Twenty Years Ago)

"Welcome home, Vin" Dr. Connley said, leading the sad, scared little boy into a sparse room.

Vin looked around, taking in his surroundings. The room was about 10 foot sqare with white cinderblock walls. The bed looked functional and clean if not comfortable. There was a small dresser off to one side as well as a desk with a straight-back chair and lamp. A wardrobe sat in the corner next to the door. Four surveillance cameras - one in each corner - proveded almost complete coverage of the room.

"You go unpack now," Connley said. "Somone will be in to help you shortly and explain what is expected of you." So saying, he turned and closed the heavy, metal door behind him, leaving only the echo of the sound of a bolt sliding to.

Vin looked at the door. There was no handle on the inside. Sad, and now even more scared, Vin couldn't stop the trembling in his limbs or the tears that stared streaming down his face.


"You were supposed to live with the Greens, a fine family who desperately wanted a little boy," Josiah interrupted. "I'm so sorry. By the time we got to the cemetary, Connley had already taken off with you. We did search , Vin. I never abandonned you."

Vin stared impassively at Josiah for several seconds as if trying to evaluate the truth of the man's statement. Finally, Vin decided to release his anger at the older man and forgive him his failure to save a lost little boy from his fate. Softening his eyes to allow his forgivness to show, he nodded to Josiah who smiled in response, reading the forgiveness in the expressive blue eyes.

"So what happened there?" JD asked.

Vin's face hardened and turned grim once more. "Traiing," he replied. "Every day from the day I arrived until they sent me out on my first assignment, followed the same routine and I was never left alone unless I was monitored, like in my room."

"What kind of training?" Buck asked.

Josiah, Ezra and Vin exchanged looks, trying to decide what to reveal. Finally Vin spoke. "Very specialized training that would prepare me to do whatever they needed me to, whatever they wanted."

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