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Meredith's Magnificent Seven Works In Progress List

Below you will find a list of M7 stories I am actively working on. I've also included a section that lists what I have currently being Beta read.

If you would like to encourage me to work on one piece over the others, please let me know via e-mail.

Here is a brief run down of the rating system I use:

  • FRC - Fan Rated suitable for Children
  • FRT - Fan Rated suitable for Teens
  • FRM - Fan Rated suitable for Mature Readers

Most of my fics are FRC or FRT.


Recently Posted:

For a listing of recently posted stories, please see the Updates Page.

Current WIP:

October 2007 Challenge: (Various AU - Various Ratings) Because I can't seem to get past my writer's block on *ANY* of my Works In Progress, I thought I'd see if I could get my plot pixies moving in the right direction by challenging myself to write 40 short stories in 31 days based off the prompts in the chart. As I finish the story, I will link it to the appropriate prompt on the chart.
Meeting Up: (Twin Guides **Closed AU** - FRT) Blair and Jim have been together for several years. Now it's time for Vin to find his sentinel. When he finds his sentinel, however, Vin also manages to find five more friends who will become his family. Last updated: 07/12/06
The List: (ATF - FRT)A mysterious woman gives Vin a diskette. What's on the diskette could tear the team apart. Last Updated 6/16/04
Dark Secrets Unlocked: (ATF Dark Secrets AU - FRT - language and violence) What I affectionately refer to as the scene that got out of control. Secrets long hidden come to light. Will it tear the team apart? Parts 4-11 added 03/28/05
Little Nathan: (Li'l Nathan AU -FRT - violence, maybe a bad word or two) I couldnt' resist. I had to create a little Nathan universe. I'm sure there are others out there and I'm sure there are others out there, but this is the way I see it beginning. The name of this will probably change as I go. Last Updated 6/15/04
School Fieldtrip: (The Cub And The Kit - FRT) This is set in the Cub and Kit AU. In this fic, Vin is on a fieldtrip with his class to the toy factory. Blair goes along as a chaperone when Chris and his team have a sudden break in their case. Of course, nothing goes as expected. Last Updated 2/23/05