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The List (ATF)

This fic is in response to a challenge I issued. I felt that if I issued the challenge, I should participate in it. What was the challenge? It had to do with using a specific plot device. In this case, the plot device was: an unknown woman gives one of the seven a diskette.

Pretty simple really. I wrote another story for this as well. Actually, it was a short little piece called Vision In Pink. But, that aside, this one is going to come in spurts I'm afraid. Most of my longer pieces ususally do, so don't expect this too soon. :-)

Anyway... below are links to the various parts as they've been written. I'll be updating it as I go and then probably re-writing it several times before submitting it to one of the fan-fic sites.


Part 55 added 6/16/04

Part 54 added 6/15/04

Title: The List
Author: MMW

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