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Meredith's Magnificent Seven Old West Fan Fiction

Below is a listing of links to Magnificent Seven fanfic I've written set in the Old West. Most, but not all, of these stories have been posted at Blackraptor's Magnificent Seven Fan Fiction site.

I am using the Fan Rated Rating system. The codes are as follows:

  • FRC - Fan Rated Suitable For Children
  • FRT - Fan Rated Sutiable For Teens
  • FRM - Fan Rated Suitable For Mature Audiences

Amoeba Theatre Presents: The Magnificent Seven - The Ghosts Of The Confederacy - Conclusion: (FRC) Amoeba Theatre Presents the conclusion of "The Magnificent Seven - The Ghosts Of The Confederacy". (In this the Seven and all other characters are Amoebas - don't ask. I'm not sure where the idea came from)

"And As I Rode Out On The Morning" (picture/collage): A collage featuring Vin and the first stanza of Buck Ramsey's poem "And As I Rode Out On The Morning".

The Best Laid Plans: (FRT - violence) Trouble is surrounding the seven drawing them in different directions, splitting them up. Is it just coincidence or something more?

Cat And Mouse: (FRC) Vin is reflecting on the past 10 years. (response to Blackraptor 10-year challenge)

Caught: (FRC) Two outlaws are trying to get away from the pursuing Seven

Did He Just Say Frolic? - 1: (FRC) My first response to the Short Fic Challenge - write a short fic in which you use the phrase "Did he just say frolic?"

Dry Gulch: (FRT - violence) Chris, Ezra and Vin are on a mission for Travis when they stop in the small town of Dry Gulch. What could possibly go wrong?

Ella's Trail: (FRT - violence) Chris has been shot and Ella's ridden off. What happens when Vin sets out on her trail.

Engage: (FRC) A quick glimpse at Nathan's thoughts during "Love and Honor".

Enough (collection):
Fast Enough: (FRT - Violence) In which someone from Chris’s past tries to get his revenge.
Good Enough: (FRT - Violence) In which Vin reveals his first encounter with guns.

A Familiar Face: (FRC) We know Buck was a lawman and Vin a wanted man. Whta if their paths crossed in, of all, places, Tascosa? This is just one idea for a prequel to The Ghosts Of The Confederacy.

The Friendship Collection: A group of stories each based on or including a quote about friendship.
The Nesting Instinct: Ezra has a question, Josiah helps him find the answer.
Stay: It's the anniversary of Sarah and Adam's death. As he does every year, Buck checks on Chris expecting to be thrown out. Will this year be different?
Forgiveness: An epilogue to the episode "Wagon Train".
A Mother's Wisdom: Maude comes for an unannounced visit and Ezra wants to know why

From New Moon To New Moon: (FRT) Josiah was in a rush to see his sister and now nothing seems to be going right. Unfortunately it appears his friends are taking the brunt of it.

Glint Of Steel, Flash Of Blade: (rated FRT) Vin and Chris are headed home when they are attacked. Are the attack and Vin's injuries Chris' fault?

Harmless Secret: (rated FRC) Vin has a harless secret, but when a storm hits, Chris has to find Vin and discover the secret

The Hideout: (rated FRC) Chris and Vin are on the run and find a unique hiding place.

Impulse: (FRC) Chris reflects on an impulse decision that had big repercussions in his life.

Magnificent Seven's Fight: (FRC) This is a parody of the poem "Paul Revere's Ride" that I did a while ago using The Magnificent Seven.

Meditation On Betrayal: (FRC) Josiah contemplates feelings of betrayal after "Obsession".

Nothing More Than Men: (FRC) Several years have past and Buck reflects on the Seven.

Peeping Everyone: (FRT) Buck loses a bet and has to pay a forfeit.

Responsible Rogue: (FRT) Buck and Nathan have a secret agreement.

Secret Ally: (FRC) Ezra has a secret ally with whom he splits his winnings

Shadow's Grasp: (FRT/FRM - Violence, mentions of torture and human sacrafice) Warning: this is a poem. If you don't enjoy poems, don't read this. :-) In this poem a man from Josiah's past allows his evil to assert itself on the seven. There are mentions of blood, murder and human sacrifice.

Showdown: (FRC) A new killer in town has issued a challenge to Chris Larabee. Can he win this showdown?

Someone To Ride The River With: (FRT) Buck and Ezra run into some trouble while away from town.

There When You Need Them: (FRT)Vin is captured and injured. He escapes and gets some help to get away

The Truth Of You: (FRC) Chris writes a poem for Ella after the events in "Obsession". Note: this was written in response to a challenge that had to include one of the guys on an edge/ledge/cliff and use the words chocolate, birthday, hush puppies and shower.