40 Propmt Challenge - Prompt 9: Secret - Old West

Responsible Rogue

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Universe: Old West
Characters: Buck, Nathan
Rating: Suitable for people over 13
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Good Secret

Nathan wrapped the packet of herbs and carefully wrote out the instruction. In all his years as a slave, at war and afterward, he never thought he'd be blending something like this. He had never even thought it a possibility. Fortunately, several of his contacts were able to give him the information he needed. With any luck it would be exactly what Buck needed. He only hoped no one else asked for it. He found it hard enough to discuss with Buck, but, he had to give the man credit, for all his womanizing ways, the rogue did know how to avoid some of the problems that could arise. This would just be one more layer of protection for him.

After a quick knock on the door, it opened and Buck entered, closing the door behind him, Buck asked, "Did you get it?"

Nathan nodded and held out the package. "Make sure you read the instructions all the way through," he advised. "It should make sure there aren't any little Wilmingtons running around without affecting your performance at all."

"Thank you," Buck breathed. Ever since he the scare with Lucy, he'd been trying to be more careful. For all he could do, he just wasn't ready to be a father. "This will be our little secret, won't it?"

"Of course, Buck," Nathan assured.

With a smile and a tip of his hat, Buck tucked the packet in his jacket pocket and left as quickly as he arrived.

Nathan shook his head and turned his attention back to his work table.


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