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Did He Just Say Frolic - 1

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Challenge: Short Fic Challenge - use the phrase "Did he just say frolic?" in a short fic
Note: This is the first of three answers to this challenge. The other two are in different AU's.
Universe: Old West
Rating: FRC
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Did He Just Say Frolic -1

Chris sat inside the jail and suppressed a moan. His head was throbbing and nothing helped - not Nathanís potions, not sleep, not the dark, not the cool - nothing. It was almost unbearable. He could understand his head hurting like this if he was sick or had been drinking, but heíd been doing neither. He just wanted it to go away.

A sound outside caught his attention and his head began pounding harder. Allowing a whimper to escape, Chris managed to open his eyes a slit as Ezra, Buck and JD came through the door, chatting loudly. In fact, Chris would swear they were shouting at each other.

"Oh, hey Chris!" Buck greeted.

"Shhh," was all Chris managed.

"Are you alright, Mr. Larabee?" Ezra inquired seeing the lines of pain on the gunslingerís face.

"No," Chris admitted through gritted teeth.

"Maybe you just need us to help take your mind off things," JD suggested brightly.

"Hey! Thatís a great idea," Buck agreed.

Chris stared at them as much as he could through mostly closed eyes. "No," he insisted. "Go away. Go outside and walk, talk, ride, frolic... I really donít care. Just leave me alone."

The three men looked solemnly at their leader. Chris really didnít look well. Deciding to accede to this wishes, the trio headed out the door.

Allowing his eyes to close one more time, Chris heard Buck ask, "Did he just say frolic?"

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