The Magnificent Seven
Meditation On Betrayal 1


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Summary: Josiah reflects upon the events in "Obsession".
Character: Josiah
Universe:: Old West
Rating: FRC - Fan Rated Suitable For Children
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Meditation On Betrayal Ė 1

Itís an odd thing, betrayal. What is it really? The loss of faith? The loss of trust? The shattering of a sacred bond tying one person to another?

Looking back I sometimes wonder how I survived some of the betrayals of my life. But then there are all sorts of betrayal; everything from telling a secret to the ultimate betrayals. Reckon Iíve been guilty of just about all of them.

We have a forgiving God and we are to be like Him. This means we need to forgive betrayals as well. After all, Jesus suffered the ultimate betrayal Ė when he was hanging on the cross the Spirit left him, leaving only a man to bear the weight of a worldís sins. How do you forgive God when He betrays you? But it happened.

Of course, God gave us the capacity to forgive, just not forget. But how can you do one without the other? Especially in a betrayal?

That leads me back to my original question, what is betrayal?

When someone betrays you, whether they really do whatever youíre blaming them for or not, you lose trust in them; you lose a part of yourself, of your security, your shield. It doesnít matter if the person really did what youíre accusing them of or not. If you imagine someone betrayed you, itís every bit as bitter, every bit as emotionally true as if they had done what you imagine them doing. So why can we get over some betrayals and not others?

Perhaps there are degrees of betrayal in life. Vin leaving Chris to go with Charlotte. Chris saw that as a betrayal; Vin didnít. But they got over it.

Now, Chris not believing Vin and choosiní Ella instead of usÖ Even Chris hasnít forgiven himself for that betrayal. The man not only betrayed his friends, but his family and himself. How can you forgive yourself?

As for meÖ Well, I forgive Chris. Manís gotta live his own life after all. Course donít help much when I think on other betrayals. How am I supposed to forgive Pappy for what he did? How am I supposed to forgive myself for not being there for Hannah. Not being there to uphold my sister when she needed me, thatís a betrayal I canít forgive. Wonder how God does it?

All I know is forgiveness sure is a better feeling. Better go see if Chris is ready to forgive a little.


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