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Ghosts Of The Confederacy - Conclusion

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Authorís Note: OK. Stranger things have run through my mind as Iíve been decompressing, but this one just *had* to be written. Yes, in case youíre wondering, this is the boys as... amoebas (a form of single-cell life)
Rating: Gen/FRC
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Amoeba Theater Presents: The Magnificent Seven : Ghosts of the Confederacy - Conclusion

Previously on "The Magnificent Seven":

...(Bullet shot into the ground at JDís feet.)

"You donít shoot nobody in the back!" Chris said, disgusted...

..."I figure if a friend collects, I get the last laugh," Vin finished with a nod to himself, as if agreeing with the rightness of the statement. ...

... "You donít ever fan your guns!" Buck admonished angrily...

And now...

Plasma dripped from the wound Vinís bullet had inflicted. Anderson swayed in his seat as his cell wall attempted to adjust to the invasion. Turning an unsteady gun toward the Tracker, he pulled the trigger, but not before Vin had a chance to duck behind cover.

Seeing the man wouldnít go down, Buck took a shot as well, ripping another hole in Andersonís cell wall. The Colonel didnít go down.

Nathan noticed the bottle from which the amoeba was drinking. "Heís so full up with Laudanum someone could cut his nucleus out and he wouldnít feel it."

"Heíll feel this!" JD screamed, jumping out from cover and shooting poorly aimed shots at the Colonel. The young amoeba realized his mistake as he watched Anderson come charging at him with a saber.

Seeing the young tenderfoot was in danger, Buck jumped out from coverage and pushed the young amoeba out of the way. Unfortunately, his unselfish act meant that he didnít have time to escape the blade himself. He felt a sharp pain as the blade struck.

The others managed to bring down Anderson and put an end to the threat.

With the immediate danger to the village gone, all gathered around Buck.

The saber had struck Buck dead center in the nucleus. There wasnít much hope, but leaving him in Nathan's capable care, the others set about cleaning up the village.

As they prepared to leave, JD looked sadly at the hat Buck had given him. As he was morning the loss of his new friend, he heard someone call to him and looked up to see not one but two Bucks! "Buck! Er... Bucks!" he cried moving toward his mentor.

Josiah looked at Nathan in question as the new friends spoke to each other. "Two Buck Wilmingtons?" he asked, dread and trepidation evident in his voice.

Nathan shrugged. "Anderson got him in the nucleus. It appears Buck was getting ready to split anyway. Anderson just sped the process along."

Chris walked up silently and stood by the two men. "Best start prayiní," he recommended. "Donít reckon the worldís quite ready for two of them." With that said, he headed over to where Vin was talking with the chief.

A short time later found the seven amoebas heading off across country toward a small, dusty town where this had all begun...

The End.

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