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Universe: Old West
Episode: Love and Honor
Character: Nathan
Rating: Suitable for All Ages
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Nathan carefully withdrew the package from his trunk.

Though his heart was beating faster, his hands were steady as ever as he pulled back the folds of the blanket to reveal the object.

Once the item was laid bare to the light, Nathan stood and ran his hand along the back of his neck as memories flooded through him. So many years had passed, but it seemed almost like a moment to him. He could still hear the harsh voice and smell the sweat, blood and fear.

Though they had been dearly bought, Nathan knew the lessons he learned as a boy would do him well now. They had to.

What had taken him years to know, he needed to impart in an evening.

Still, he could do no less than this for one of the men who called him friend, a rare occurrence even in the post-war world. He might be free man in the eyes of the law, but only the men he rode with viewed him as a man, a distinction he had long given up the hope of ever achieving.

Lifting the sword and scabbard from their resting place, Nathan pushed aside all thoughts of his past and headed for the door.

Somehow that little pipsqueak had convinced Buck to engage in a duel of honor, a duel to the death with swords as the chosen weapon.

Despite the nightmares he knew would visit, Nathanís step was sure as he headed toward the church. The nightmares would be worth it if what he had to share saved Buckís life.


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