The Magnificen Seven - ATF AU Insta-fics by MMW

Below you will find links to the insta-fics that I have written. What is an insta-fic? An insta-fic is a very short scene that popped into my head and has no plot or story to it whatsoever. They are meant to be light-hearted and fun - sort of every-day events that just make you shake your head and smile.

These are rated FRC (Fan Rated Suitable For Children) except where noted and I have specified who is involved in them, though on occasion none of the guys is named so I have listed those as "anonymous" and you can select whichever of the seven you would like to fill the role.

Sit back and I hope you enjoy. If you do like these, please drop me a line ( MMW ) and let me know.


(Characters=Chris, Vin, Universe=ATF) JD reports some disturbing information about Vin to Chris. Chris knows he has to check it out.
Adding A Little Color

(Characters=seven, Universe=ATF)Someone leaves Chris a colorful surprise.

Anything But That!

(Characters= Chris, Buck, Universe=Any Little Britches)Chris and Buck need to make some positive changes in their lives to set an example for the boys. Buck is struggling with this latest one.
Break Time On A Snowy Day

(Characters=Chris, Vin, Universe=ATF) It's snowing heavily outside and Vin needs a break. Chris to the rescue.
Chicken Surprise

(Characters=Chris, Mary; Universe=ATF) Mary and Chris go to a Chinese restaurant. (joke)
Conference Woes

(Characters=JD, Ezra, Josiah; Universe=ATF) JD, Ezra and Josiah are at a conference and staying at a high-rise. Things are going well until the elevators start working.
Due By Noon

(Characters=Seven; Universe=ATF) The team has been looking for Henry Carson. JD finally has the lead they need.
Flavor Of The Day

(Characters - Seven, Universe=ATF) Chris overhears the others discussing some interesting flavors.

Food Critics

(Characters= Vin, JD, Raine, Nathan, Universe=Little Britches ATF) Vin and JD are spending the weekend with Nathan and Raine. Nathan decides to treat the boys to a special breakfast.

March 18th

(Characters=JD, Vin, Buck, Chris, Universe=Little Britches ATF) It's the day after St. Patrick's Day - and the St. Patrick's Day party Buck and Chris got talked into attending.


(Characters=Seven, Universe=ATF)The guys are sent to training and have been charged with paying attention and participating. We get a little insight into their notes.

On The Downsizing Of Smurfs

(Characters=JD and Nathan w/ a brief appearance by Buck, Universe=ATF) JD and Buck have been injured. While recovering in a hospital room (and while still under the influence of the drugs they'd been given) JD vents his frustration.

Our Hero (Characters=Buck and Seven, Universe=ATF) Everyone knows Buck is a hero, so why doesn't he want the guys to find out about his latest exploits?
Perfect Catch

(Characters=anonymous, Universe=ATF)At a reception, one of the guys head off toward the restroom only to make a perfect catch.

Room Service

(Characters=anonymous, Universe=ATF)***Rated FRT (Fan Rated Suitable For Teens)*** One of the seven goes to a conference and is enjoying the peace and quiet of his room until...
Say What?

(Characters=seven, Universe=ATF) Chris has been buried under budgets and the others take Chris out for a drink.
Stress Relief (Chracters=seven, Universe=ATF)The guys have been working hard for a while now and tempers are beginning to fray until someone finds a unique way to relieve a little of the stress.


(Characters=Vin, JD, Buck, Universe=ATF) Buck happens upon JD and Vin hard at work. The question is, what arethey working on?
Thoughtful Gift

(Characters=seven, Universe=ATF)It's the holiday season and someone sends Chris a helpful gift.
Too Much Work, Not Enough Lunch

(Characters=anonymous, seven, Universe=ATF)Six of the seven go to lunch only to come back and overhear their seventh.
When Soda Goes Pop

(Characters=JD, Vin, Josiah, Ezra, Buck, Universe=ATF) Buck, Vin and JD go to get lunch for the others.

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