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March 18

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Mirsch, Trilogy, etc.
Universe: ATF-LB
Genre: Gen – Insta-fic
Rating: FRC - Fan Rated Suitable For Children
Characters: Chris, Buck, Vin, JD

March 18th

JD stood in the doorway of his Da's room, his brow furrowed in puzzlement.

A short ways away Vin stood in the doorway of Chris' room an equally astonished and baffled look on his face.

A few minutes later two alarms went off almost simultaneously eliciting a groan from the lumps in the bed of each room.

JD and Vin turned and looked at each other, shrugged and went into their respective fathers' rooms.


JD approached the barely moving form cautiously. He'd learned that when Buck groaned like that, he should approach with caution because his Da most likely had a headache and upset stomach.

Eyes wide, he reached out a small hand and rested it on his father's cheek Seeing the blue eyes crack open slightly, he smiled. "Hi, Da," he greeted quietly.

"Hey, Little Bit," Buck greeted back, his voice dry and cracking. Knowing he had to get up and dreading it, he encouraged, "Why don't you head off to the kitchen and I'll be out in a few minutes."

JD just nodded his head and left.


Meanwhile, in Chris' room…

Vin watched his father's arm reach out and turn off the alarm. Hearing the groan and watching the limb flop onto the bed, he knew Chris wouldn't be moving again soon.

Treading cautiously across the floor, he stood by his father's bed and stared at Chris with wide, stunned blue eyes. He never would have imagined seeing his father in such a state. He wasn't quite sure what to make of it.

Reaching out a tentative hand, he shook his Chris' shoulder slightly and snatched his hand back as another groan escaped the man in bed.

Exhausted green eyes opened and blinked several times, trying to focus on the form before him. Licking his dry lips, Chris croaked, "Hey, Cowboy. Time to get up?" Seeing Vin's tentative nod, he tried to figure out what was wrong, but his head just wouldn't cooperate. Gathering his energy he began extracting himself from the covers. "Why don't you go to the kitchen and I'll be there in a minute.

"'K", Vin agreed before backing out of the room and racing down the hall.


The two boys stood at attention by the kitchen table, completely unable to comprehend what they had seen. They knew their fathers hadn't gotten home until after they were in bed. That was why the boys had gotten up early to greet them. They just couldn't figure out what happened and knew they would have to wait and ask.

Before long, Buck and Chris made their way down the hall, each rubbing their aching head, causing their already unruly hair to stick up in new and interesting directions. Their eyes barely opened, neither man was aware of much as they made their way to the coffee machine which, unfortunately, wasn't on yet. With a sigh, Chris handed the pot to Buck who filled it with water from the sink and handed it back.

Neither man noticed the small forms staring at them.

Watching the two adults waiting for the coffee as they rubbed their heads, JD couldn't contain the question that had been plaguing he and Vin all morning and asked , "Why is your hair bright green?"

The End.

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