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Chris looked around at his men. He knew none of them wanted to be at this mandatory in-service meeting, but there was no choice. If they didn't make this, they could be taken off of active duty. He had put up with their whining, their complaints, their excuses and their pleas, but through threats, glares and growls, he had ensured their attendance.

A small smile played across his lips as he saw Nathan taking copious notes. He witnessed Josiah nodding his head in agreement to some point and jotting down a few words and Ezra making notations. Probably critiquing the speaker, Chris thought with a slight chuckle. He raised his eyebrows as Buck appeared to be paying attention to the course rather than the shapely redhead three rows down and to the right. That's a first, he thought, congratulating himself on the creative persuasion he'd used on his oldest friend.

With some trepidation he turned his eyes on the youngest two, never sure what he was going to get. He knew Vin struggled with writing and was familiar with the Sharpshooter's tendency to listen and memorize the lectures. He also noted the tape recorder sitting on the desk and a soft smile curved his lips. He also noticed that Vin would occasionally lean over and ask JD something. JD would whisper back and begin taking notes once more. He'd have to be sure to congratulate the young man on his note taking.

Turning his own attention to the speaker, Chris listened to the lecture and waited for the end.

As the lecture finished, Chris stood and headed toward the door. As each man left, he smiled at them to let them know he appreciated their attentiveness during the in-service. Finally, as JD and Vin exited. He caught just part of their conversation.

"Can I bring these notes home with me?" Vin asked.

JD beamed. "Sure!"

Chris smiled and shook his head. For once his team had behaved like normal agents. He felt some pride at their efforts. Walking up behind JD and Vin, he placed a hand on each man's shoulder. "Good job paying attention, boys. Let's get back to work," he encouraged, giving each shoulder a squeeze before walking ahead of them, back toward Team Seven's offices.

JD looked at Vin, his eyes questioning.

Vin returned the look and shrugged. "So," Vin picked up their interrupted conversation, "You were telling me how to get around the dragon on level twelve…"

JD nodded as he lifted the legal pad that contained the notes he'd been so furiously scribbling during the in-service. "Yeah! It's so cool! See here, you just need to…"

The End

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