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Too Much Work, Not Enough Lunch

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Author's Note: My sister overheard me say the quote in this drabble and told me she could see any of the guys saying it and that I needed to put it in a fic. This is actually a drabble (a 100 word scene), but since it wasn't a challenge, I figured I'd put it here.
Universe: ATF
Characters: Anonymous/seven

Too Much Paperwork, Not Enough Lunch

The six men approached their offices. Their seventh had stayed behind at lunch to finish some paperwork. As they reached the outer door, they were stopped dead in their tracks by a shout.

Moving forward as one, ready to face whatever had upset their seventh, they opened the door in time to see him focused intently on the window. With a quick flicking of his arm and a cry of "I know what you are! Die vile stink-bug! Die!" he stared triumphantly at the smear on the window.

His six friends did the only thing they could - they cheered

The End

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