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Perfect Catch

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to Mirsch, Trilogy, etc. Everyone else in this fic I made up.
Author's note: So I went to this wedding and then this fic idea came...
Universe: ATF

Perfect Catch

Freeing himself from the conversation, he left the dinner he was at and began crossing to the restrooms. He hated this particular banquet facility. There was never enough parking and they always two or three events going on at the same time.

He was about half-way across the landing when he noted a motion out of the corner of his eye. Reacting instinctively, he turned and made a perfect catch.

Looking down, he was puzzled for a moment, wondering why someone would be throwing flowers at him.

Glancing up, he saw approximately thirty women of various ages, shapes and sizes all staring intently at him. At the top of the small flight stood a bride, looking slightly stunned and a little put out that he was holding her bouquet..

He was holding her bouquet...

His eyes widening in the realization, he turned toward the exit and began sprinting, thirty single women hot on his heels.

The End

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