Flavor Of The Day

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to Mirsch, Trilogy, etc. The M7 ATF AU was created by MOG in her story "A Birthday In The Present".
Author's Note: Yet another in my Insta-fic series
Rating: FRC - Fan Rated Suitable For Children Universe: ATF AU Feedback: MMW

Insta-fic: Flavor Of The Day

Chris sighed. He hated being injured. He hated crutches. And he hated the fact he could hear the whispered argument out in the other room. Try though he might he’d been entirely unable to block out the noise. Unable to stand it anymore, he grabbed his crutches, levered himself up, moved out to the main area and glared at the now silent bodies all in front of their computers.

Seeing his men apparently at work, he headed back to his desk and settled in.

Within five minutes, the hushed voices began their whispered argument again. His frustration building, he once more levered himself up and made his way to the door where his men were once more silently working at their desks. Not deterred by their apparent hard work, Chris growled out, “What is going on out here?” Six overly innocent faces turned to look at him. Chris felt his blood pressure shoot up several more points. “There is nothing wrong with my hearing. I heard you out here arguing.”


Not one single flinch. Not one waver. Scanning each face, he knew what he had to do.

Fixing his glare upon JD, he made his way slowly over toward the young man, a small, cruel smile curling his lips as he watched Dunne squirm. He knew JD would break. Unless it was something important or he was protecting one of the others, he always broke under Chris’ menacing presence. Stopping just short of the young man, he allowed his gaze to bore into the hazel eyes as he loomed over the seated figure.

Well aware that the others were looking at JD as well, trying to keep the young man from talking, Chris waited until he saw the panic begin. Then, and only then did he release his quiet command, “JD?”

JD tried. He really had tried to resist, but this wasn’t really that important and besides, Chris could be scary…

“Don’t JD,” came Buck’s hissed order. He was met by the Larabee glare and knew to keep quiet.

Turning his attention back to JD, he waited.

Finally unable to contain himself any longer, JD blurted out, “ItwasEzra’sdaytogetthejellybelliesandhechosethewrongflavors!” Dropping his head in shame at his own inability to keep from breaking under Chris’ scrutiny, he missed the baffled look that crossed the Team Leader’s face.

After several moments of trying to puzzle out what had been said, Chris simply asked, “What?”

Taking pity on his friend, Vin pulled up a spare chair and indicated that Larabee should sit. Once he was settled, the Texan explained, “You know that new candy store that opened up next door?” He paused until he saw the blond nod. “Well, while you were out restin’ we started bringing in them fancy jellybeans. When we found out we all did it, we decided that each day a different one of us would bring them in. To avoid fighting over them, each of us picks up two flavors that can be combined – like strawberry and cotton candy or watermelon and bubblegum.”

“So, what’s the problem?” Chris asked, completely at a loss for an explanation.

“Well, we set up a schedule of what flavors are supposed to be which day,” he explained shooting a glare at Ezra. “But Ez decided he didn’t want to bring in espresso and cinnamon, so he brought in buttered popcorn and cola instead. Josiah had already bought that for tomorrow and now we’re going to end up with it twice in one week.”

Chris stared at his friend in amazement. Somehow, somewhere his men had completely lost their minds. Slowly standing and balancing his crutches, he nodded and started making his way to his office. “O….k….” he offered as he sought the safe sanctuary of his office. “Just… forget I ever asked.” Safely within the confines of his office, he shut the door slowly and locked it, hoping the door would hold should his team’s insanity suddenly turn violent.


Out in the other room, broad smiles were exchanged. Buck walked up and slapped JD on the back. “Good job, kid,” he offered.

JD smiled as he saw the approval of his friends. “You think he bought it?” the youth asked.

“Without a doubt, Mr. Dunne,” Ezra assured, pleased that his instruction of JD hadn’t been in vain. “Although I must protest being mad the scapegoat in all this…”

“Shut up Ezra,” came the quiet, but good-natured reprimand from his five friends.

“Ok, brothers,” Josiah piped in, “Back to planning his get well party…”

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