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Our Hero

Almost 10am - ATF offices of Team Seven

Buck sat at his desk watching the minute hand sweep around the face of his clock. If he was going to go through with this he would have to leave within the next five minutes. The only problem with that was he had to ask Chris for the time off and if he asked Chris for the extra time, his Team Leader was bound to ask why it was necessary. Even considering their long friendship, Buck just couldn’t bring himself to tell the whole story.

Fingering the invitation he’d set on his desk, he decided there really wasn’t any way around it, he would have to ask for the time.

Standing, he slid the invitation into his back pocket and headed toward Chris’ office. Knocking on the door he poked his head in. “Hey, Stud,” he greeted, trying to sound casual. “Would it be OK if I took my lunch now?”

Chris’ brow furrowed as he looked at the clock on his desk. “It’s only 10 o’clock,” he said watching Buck shift uneasily from foot to foot. Watching his friend’s uncharacteristically nervous behavior, he felt compelled to ask “You aren’t in any sort of trouble are you?”

“No! No trouble,” Buck was quick to assure him. “Just somewhere I need to be. I might be a little late getting back, but I’ll make up the time.”

Chris leaned back in his chair and scrutinized his friend. He was positive there was a woman involved somewhere, but he really couldn’t think of a reason to deny the request. “Alright,” he agreed. “Need someone to go with you?” he asked, curious as to why his friend was so worked up.

“NO!” Buck said much louder than he intended causing the rest of the team to turn and look at him. Feeling his cheeks begin to color, he cleared his throat. “No. That’s alright. I’ll be fine.” Then seeking his escape, he said “Bye Chris” before turning and leaving the office.

Curious as to what was going on, but knowing he had a meeting in a few minutes, Chris signaled for Vin to follow and make sure nothing happened to his oldest friend.

5:45 The Saloon

Buck pushed open the door to The Saloon and was greeted by the sound of his friends’ laughter. A smile lit his face as he headed toward their table. The day had worked out better than he could have imagined. He had gotten out of the office without having to explain the reason, his appointment had been far more enjoyable than he could have imagined and now he got to relax with his friends.

“Hey, Buck!” came JD’s enthusiastic greeting.

“Boys,” Buck said nodding to everyone and acknowledging their greetings.

“So tell us, brother Buck, where did you rush off to this morning?” Josiah asked casually as he looked into his beer.

Buck stiffened slightly. Did they know? No, they couldn’t possibly know, there was no way. Relaxing once more into his chair he offered, “Nowhere in particular.”

“Seemed to be awfully anxious to get out of the office for it being nowhere in particular,” Nathan observed, sounding suspiciously blase about the issue.

Buck’s eyes drilled into the medic. Nathan couldn’t possibly know.

“And whatever was that invitation you were fingering so nervously this morning?” Ezra inquired, his green eyes revealing nothing as they rose to meet Buck’s dark blue ones.

Buck was shifting nervously in his chair now. How could they have possibly found out? No, they were just bluffing, just pulling his leg. Glancing at Vin, he found he couldn’t read anything in the Sharpshooter’s expression, though the small smile gave him pause. Looking at Chris he found his oldest friend carefully studying his drink, a small smirk gracing his lips. With a tendril of dread caressing his soul, he turned, finally, to look at JD - the one who could never fool him.

Taking in the young man’s face, the gleam in his brown eyes, Buck knew the truth. Somehow they had found out. Somehow they had discovered what he’d done and where he was. Closing his eyes he knew he would never hear the end of it.

Feeling a hand come to rest on his shoulder, he looked up into Inez’ laughing eyes.

“This is for you, Senor Buck” she said, placing a chocolate milkshake before him, “Courtesy of the kindergarten class at Our Devine Lady’s School For Girls.”

Buck didn’t even have a chance to turn back before the snickers of his friends assaulted his ears. Gifting them with his best glare, he was rewarded with outright laughter. Unable to resist the infectious sound, he started chuckling too. From another’s perspective, it was funny. The truth was, the thank you ceremony the class had thrown for him that morning had made everything worth it.

With as dignified a sniff as he could muster, Buck defended, “I’ll have you know that I was given a very nice award for my efforts and the ceremony was wonderful. How many of you got to spend the morning with twenty seven beautiful ladies?”

“Buck!” JD observed between guffaws, “twenty-three of those “ladies” were five years old!”

“And the other four were nuns,” Josiah chimed in.

“They were still ladies and each one of them was a beauty to behold,” Buck huffed, fighting against the urge to once more join in his compatriots’ laughter.

“So Buck,” Chris drawled, allowing his mirth-filled green eyes to meet those of his oldest friend, “When exactly did you learn rescue breathing for guinea pigs?”


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