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Title: Quiet Moments of Reflection - 1
Author: MMW
Rating: FRC - Fan Rated Suitable For Children
Disclaimer: Not mine! Not mine!
Author’s Note: The first of several very short scenes that popped into my head.

Quiet Moments Of Reflection – 1

He stared out at the lights of the city, a cup of cooling coffee in his hand. Right now he was supposed to be on a date with Rita, but truth to tell, he was happy when she had cancelled at the last minute.

He could normally deal with the chaos and emotional drain of his job, but something about this case really seemed to hit him where he lived. It had opened doors in his heart and released emotions and feeling he had long ago hidden.

Leaning his head against a window, he felt the weight of melancholy press down on him. Would he ever really escape his past?

He heard the gentle click of his answering machine message beginning and turned slightly to listen.

“Danny, it’s Vivian. I happened to end up with a third ticket to the Yankees/Mets game tomorrow and was wondering if you’d like to come along. Let me know tomorrow. Thanks.”

He smiled. Vivian knew the price this case had exacted. The invitation was her way to help him deal with it. Maybe he’d take her up on the offer. But for right now, the lights of the city held his attention.