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Title: Quiet Moments of Reflection - 5
Author: MMW
Rating: FRC - Fan Rated Suitable For Children
Disclaimer: Not mine! Not mine!
Author’s Note: The first of several very short scenes that popped into my head.

Quiet Moments Of Reflection – 5

Riding in elevators had never been a particularly favorite pastime of hers, but right now she had little choice, climbing 47 flights of stairs was an inefficient use of her time when the elevator would have her there in minutes.

Glancing at her reflection in the shiny metal of the elevator doors, she was momentarily startled. Even with all her self-assurance and knowing she had earned her way into her current position, there were times she caught a glimpse of herself and wondered who that woman was.

There were times that she felt like the same little girl who had nervously entered the classroom that first day of kindergarten. There were other times she would swear she felt as old as her grandmother. Today, she was feeling like she did as a rookie cop anxious, confident, proud and she wondered what Jack had ever seen in her to give her this chance to be more.

Before she could delve more deeply into her insecurities, the elevator stopped and the doors slid open. With the image before her gone, Elena straightened her shoulders and strode purposefully out of the conveyance. She was a federal agent searching for a missing woman. She would not fail.