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Title: Quiet Moments of Reflection - 6
Author: MMW
Rating: FRC - Fan Rated Suitable For Children
Disclaimer: Not mine! Not mine!
Author’s Note: The first of several very short scenes that popped into my head.

Quiet Moments Of Reflection – 6

He waited quietly on the side of the room, scanning the sea of faces and ignoring the rhetoric spewing forth from the politician.

A chill skittered across his soul at the thought that this could have been his. Though he had never been one to give in to his parents’ demands, he had never stopped needing their approval either.

Looking at the masks that passed for faces in the audience, he couldn’t help feeling relief at having escaped this sort of group – people who would be your friend so long as you could provide them with what they needed; people who hid what and who they were behind money and image; people who were little more than a series of masks, each revealing someone shallower than the one before.

He knew his parents didn’t entirely agree with his choices in life, particularly working Missing Persons, but at least his co-workers and the people they helped were real, as were the emotions.

As the room erupted in applause, Martin felt a wry grin form on his face. He may not get the applause for the job he did, but nothing could beat the feeling of reuniting loved ones.