Sharing A Cab

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Note: This is just my thoughts on what was running through Martin and Samantha's heads just after Samantha asked Martin to share a cab.
Rating: FRT - Fan Rated Suitable For Teens (inuendo)
Characters: Martin, Samantha

Sharing A Cab


Share a cab? Could it be this easy? Was this the right thing? He’d been flirting with her for months, had been wanting her and she had resisted and sought a friendship instead of anything more, but he also knew the devastation he’d read in her eyes earlier when she’d said goodbye to Jack, seen the fear and relief when he’d kept her from being shot... Was he just a rebound? A port in the storm? Something to ease her pain? Was that enough? Was she even asking what he thought she was?

Their pasts were so different. She had identified with that girl who grew up in… Indiana was it?… and just wanted to escape to the big city, wanted to forget her past. He’d heard Vivian mention that Samantha had been married and divorced before she ever attended college. They’d spoken of what they wanted as far as family went; a portion of him really did want a wife, kids and the picket fence she’d scoffed at. She had made it clear she didn’t want that. They’d traveled together and leaned on each other, but they were so different…Yet he still wanted her If only she could want him…

Looking into her eyes, he read many things there, but not what he wanted, not yet. He could easily read the hurt and pain, the need for companionship and comfort, the need for a shoulder to lean on, a shoulder to cry on, something she’d obviously had too little of in her life. He read the apprehension and fear and knew that he would go home with her tonight to hold her and comfort her, to let her cry out her heart about Jack and deal with the fear of nearly being killed. He would be her hero one more time and not push anything. Tonight he would be her friend. Maybe someday he would be more.



What was she doing? She hadn’t screwed up her life enough sleeping with Jack? She hadn’t suffered enough with her choices? She and Martin had nothing in common outside the job, not really. They had discovered that early enough as they worked together, but he was so persistent in his pursuit… and he’d been there, a shoulder to lean on, so many other times. They weren’t going in the same direction and she could never be who he wanted, would never try to change to be that, but tonight – tonight she needed someone to hold her, someone to lean on, someone to tell her it was alright to cry, alright to be weak, alright to be scared. Martin had been there for her before… she knew what she was asking, what he would probably expect and a part of her feared it, feared the repercussions if it happened.. Not that she hadn’t carried through with the implied promise before so she could get the comfort she needed, but did she want to do that to Martin? To use him like that?

She looked into his eyes, pleading for understanding, pleading for him to understand what her request truly was. And she read his eyes – surprise, desire… understanding. He understood her need for comfort and shelter.



Sliding into the cab, they settled into the seat. Martin placed a comforting arm around his friend and silenced the voice that urged him to be more. He felt Samantha relax into him, felt a tremor course through her body and tightened his grip. Tonight he wouldn’t ask for anything in return. Tonight he wouldn’t act upon his feelings and see if she could feel the same. Tonight he would be the rock she needed, her shelter from the storm. But maybe someday…


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