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Title: Quiet Moments of Reflection - 4
Author: MMW
Rating: FRC - Fan Rated Suitable For Children
Disclaimer: Not mine! Not mine!
Author’s Note: The first of several very short scenes that popped into my head.

Quiet Moments Of Reflection – 4

As she quietly closed the door behind her and slipped her coat off, Vivian wanted to feel the weight of today’s events slide off her shoulders as easily.

She had been at this job long enough to know that you couldn’t let it come home with you. There was life; there was the job and there had to be a distinction between the two. Today things had hit a little too close to her heart, cracked open the thin armor over her fears.

Hearing noises in the living room, she headed into her home and found the source of the noise.

A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth as she watched her son and her husband tussle on the floor, fighting for the remote. The happy, joyful sound of their laughter and mock threats began to fill the air and heal the wounds of the day.

A long, slow, breath escaped the agent as she finally felt the day’s claim release her.