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Title: Field experience
Author: MMW
Rating: FRC - Fan Rated Suitable For Children
Disclaimer: The characters of "The Sentinel" belong to Pet Fly, etc. The Characters of "Without A Trace" belong to CBS, etc. All are used here without permission, not copyright infringement is intended.
Author’s note: A challenge to myself - 500 words and a crossover between The Sentinel and Without A Trace;

Field Experience

(Set prior to beginning of "Without A Trace")

“Fitzgerald!” AD Wallace’s voice called across the room.

Martin’s head came up even as he hit “save” on the file he was analyzing. Seeing the expression on his boss’s face, he stood and headed toward the office into which his boss had retreated.

Stopping in the doorway, he noticed two men sitting inside. One screamed law enforcement the other looked like… well… a hippy.

“Sir?” Martin asked.

“Close the door and sit.” When that was completed, the AD nodded toward the visitors. “Case came up that requires FBI presence. You’re the only one with bandwidth.”

“Sir, the…”

“You can keep working on it, but we need to split your time with this. This is Detective Ellison and Blair Sandburg from Cascade PD. Take them to the conference room and find out what the FBI can do to help them.”

“Yes sir,” Martin agreed. His eyebrow rose in surprise. Ellison was a legend. Rising from his chair, he nodded to the men, “If you would follow me, please.”

A short walk later they were ensconced in the meeting room and Martin proceeded through a more formal introduction. Martin did his best to ignore the look of distrust and distaste on the face of the detective. It was well known that local law enforcement and the FBI didn’t always get along. From the look of things, their last interaction left a sour taste in the PD representative’s mouths.

“Any relation to Director Fitzgerald?” Blair asked settling into his seat.

“Unfortunately,” Martin muttered softly before responding out loud. “He’s my father, but that’s where the similarities end,” he joked, an old, tired, thin line, but still one he felt was true. He noticed a considering expression on Detective Ellison’s face even as Blair laughed politely.

“We have a missing child. Because it crosses jurisdictions, we need the FBI to officially take the lead.”

“But it’s more for just show since you have solid leads,” Martin interjected.

Jim held his eyes for a moment, considering the man before him. “That’s the gist of it. Think you can live with that?”

Martin leaned back in his chair and thought before nodding slowly. “Yes, but…” he watched the relief on Ellison’s face and the smile on Blair’s freeze in place, “because of my relationship with my father, I’ve been shut out of fieldwork and stuck in white collar. I didn’t sign up with the FBI to sit behind a desk all day. I signed up to help people and be in the field. Since I officially need to be there and really could use the field time, let me tag along and teach me as you go.”

Jim and Blair exchanged a look. It was not ideal and it had been a while since they’d had to hide everything Jim could do, but, Blair could easily read the sincerity in Martin’s face. Blair caught Jim’s eye and gave a nod.

Martin smiled and relaxed, ready to learn all he could.. “Thank you. What do you have.”