40 Prompt Challenge - Prompt 20: Scowl - ATF

Winner's Choice

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Universe: ATF
Characters: Chris, Vin
Rating: Suitable for all ages
Feedback: Eamil MMW

Winner's Choice

Vin didn't even look in his friend's direction despite the fact he could feel Chris' eyes boring into him. He knew exactly what his friend would look like, after all, the older man's face hadn't changed in the past twenty minutes. Ever since Vin won their little contest. When the commercial finally came on he turned toward his friend and smirked. Sure enough Chris still wore the nasty scowl he had earlier. Actually, as he looked a little closer, he would swear that, at some point in the past few minutes, the scowl turned into a pout. Remembering seeing that same look in a few of the pictures of Adam, he couldn't help but wonder if the father learned the pouting scowl from the son or the son learned it from his father.

Shaking off such thoughts, he smirked a little more broadly before turning his attention back to the television and grabbing a tissue. "Not my fault you can't win a bet, Larabee. I won fair and square. Winner got to pick and I did."

He received a huff of disgust and three sneezes as a reply from Chris.

Vin's smirk turned to a smile as amusement twinkled in his blue eyes. He would never tell Chris that he rigged the whole bet. Had the stakes not been so high, he would never have done such a thing. As it stood, he felt no remorse over his actions.

Relaxing back into his chair, Vin closed his eyes and tried to breathe. Next time maybe Larabee would listen when Vin told him to only pick up the good tasting cough and cold medicine. He sure didn't seem to like the awful tasting one.


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