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Prefix Series

The Prefix Series is a series of very short ficlets that take place before the seven officially meet to create Team Seven and even before Chris is approached to create the team.

This series was not originally a series. In fact, it was originally just one story - "Quality Of Light" - which I wrote after reading a story written in response to the challenge "If Chris and Vin got into a fight, who would win?". I don't know where the challenge started or who offered it, but I just can't picture the two of them getting into a knock-down, drag-out fight after the Seven come together, thus my choosing to set it prior to the formation of the team.

Of course, once that story was written, the other five guys all piped up asking me to write about them as well. Thus, the whole series thing...

Anyway, here are the stories:

Quality Of Light: (In response to the "Chris and Vin fight" challenge) It's been eighteen months and Chris Larabee is still mourning the loss of his wife and son. He's been drinking steadily and now wants someone else to hurt as much as he does. All he needs is a victim...

Ketchup For Life: JD Dunne and his mother have travelled across the country in the hopes that a new treatment will save her life. JD is struggling with his situation and the thought of his mother dying. Can a stranger's words offer comfort?

Xanthan Gum For The Soul: Buck picks Chris up at the bar after the fight in "Quality Of Light" and takes him to the hospital. Despairing over Larabee's state, he strikes up a conversation with his neighbor, Josiah Sanchez and learns a thing or two about hope and about himself.

More to follow...

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