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Rating: FRT - Fan Rated Suitable For Teens (violence, maybe a bad word or two)

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Warning: This is a lot more like an Action/Adventure flick than a regular story, so please, take your disbelief and suspend it somewhere while you read this. It’s all in fun.

Notes: This is going to take a while, so best get comfortable.
1) This is a Birthday Fic for the M7_7H7C list. For her birthday, Lisa requested Ezra to get hurt and Vin to comfort with the emphasis on the hurt.
2) This is more of an Action/Adventure fic than a procedural fic. As such there are several things that happen in it which made me extremely reluctant to use actual law enforcement agencies. Due to that reluctance, I have pushed the ATF AU into an alternate future where two new governmental agencies have been created - one in the US, one in Canada. These agencies were allowed to pick the best of the existing agencies and therefore, Team Seven was taken from the ATF to be a part of the Weapons Control Bureau (WCB). On the Canadian side of the border, rather than the RCMP, you have the Canadian Border Protection Force (CBPF), also created of the best of Canadian law enforcement. Both of these agencies are still new enough that not all the rules and regulations are in place and those that are in place are subject to the whims of the men greedy for power and to prove themselves.
3) As part of WCB training, all of the Seven have been trained in all the different skills and disciplines, though each still has an area where they excel. They are also allowed to take "special" training not usually considered part of their normal jobs - like Buck and Chris brushing up on scuba diving or Vin on parachuting and such. This is to help with that whole suspension of disbelief thing I mentioned earlier.
4) In this fic I send Vin and Ezra to Ohio. The two towns mentioned - Toledo and Sandusky - are real. Cedar Point is real and the American Island are real - Yes, there really are islands in Lake Erie. During the Civil War (referred to as "The War Between The States" in Part 11) one of the islands really was used as a prison. However(!), the island I describe in this does not exist. There is no privately owned island that was used as a prison for war criminals who were forced to dig their own cells (wait ‘til Part 11). Also, the Island Inn where I have Vin and Ezra staying in Sandusky is completely made up and is not intended to reflect any actual inn anywhere.
5) Lots of OC’s in this fic. It was necessary for the plot. Here’s a scorecard for you (in no particular order):

And now for the story. Below are links to the various part of the story

Prologue, Parts 1 and 2
Parts 3-5
Parts 6-8
Parts 9-11
Parts 12-14
Parts 15-17
Parts 18 and 19, Epilogue

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