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A Woman's Touch

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Universe: ATF
Characters: Seven, Mary
Rating: Suitable for all ages
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A Woman's Touch

The oppressive silence as she stepped into ATF Team 7's conference room nearly choked her. The team had invited her to a victory lunch at work since it was her contact that got them the information they needed to break their latest case. Arriving at the office expecting a slightly celebratory atmosphere, she reeled slightly at the sight of seven dour visages. "What's wrong?" she asked, breaking the silence." She almost wished she hadn't when seven pairs of extremely sad eyes turned to look at her.

"We thought we'd share our last jar of Miss Nettie's peaches with you in celebration of the victory," Josiah explained.

"Unfortunately, none of us has been able to open the jar," Chris added, pushing the offending item a little further away from him.

Mentally rolling her eyes at the seven men, she strode over to the table and picked up the jar.

JD perked up. "I don't think you'll have much luck, ma'am."

Mary offered the young man a small smile as she tipped the jar so the bottom was above the top. With the heel of her hand, she forcefully smacked the bottom of the jar three times, righted it and twisted the top off. "There you go, gentlemen." Smiling, she set the lid on the table and settled into the seat next to Chris. "Let's get this party started, shall we?"


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