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First Camping Trips
by MMW

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Universe: ATF
Characters: JD, minor Ezra, minor Buck
Rating: Suitable for all ages
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First Camping Trips

At one point in time, he would have wondered if his co-workers were just looking for something else with which to tease him. After all, having grown up in civilization, his idea of roughing it was a little different than the others'. Well, different except for one other in their group. There was a fellow city-dweller with him, so he wasn't alone. Of course, if Ezra would ever stop complaining, he could actually alert his friend of the fact the Undercover agent wasn't alone.

The chance to interrupt the Southerner's diatribe appeared when Ezra tripped over a raised root on the path.

"You know, Ezra. This is my first time camping too. I think it's pretty cool. I mean you can see, smell and hear things out here that don't exist in the city. Did you hear that eagle cry earlier? How often do you hear something like that in the city?"

"You've never been camping?" An incredulous Buck stopped in his tracks and turned to face the youngest team member.

JD rolled his eyes. "I grew up in the city Buck. The local park wasn't exactly the safest place to pitch a tent. Even the homeless didn't stay there."

With a shake of his head, Buck stepped next to JD and clapped him on the shoulder. "Well, I tell you what. You stick with me and I'll show both of you how it's done."


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