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The City In The Early Afternoon - by Meredith Wert

Echos of footsteps shouted back,
Leaping from the walls of
The golden-windowed office building,
Exemplifying the lonliness of the crowded city
In the early afternoon.

No birds sang their twittering songs,
Soaring upward to touch the true blue sky
Which was too perfect to be real.

No wind whipped and whistled through
The brick-walled buildings, teasing
The snow from its easy-chair position on the ground
In which it had planned to die.

No cars roared past on the busy roads,
Leading from here to there for the convenience
Of the city planner who lives two towns away.

No voices rang out from the face of the woman
Screaming silently at the top of her lungs from
Some unknown source of madness
As the footsteps echoed off the too solid walls
Of the too full office building and rested upon
The ears of noone, as they exemplified
The lonliness of a crowded city,
In the early afternoon.

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