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A Windswept September Day

The sky at play
With gray and blue
Streaks of madness
And memory
Falling beyond the pale
Realm of forgotten
Emotion and light.

Shaken loose
The dream of faith
The dream of hope
The dream of day
The memories of
A life
A moment
An eternity
That are gone
And yet remain.

The acorns fall
A line of winter
Each a seed
Born of hope
Born of toil
A summer's work
Bouncing on pavement
To be stored
And eaten
And not know
How to be
A mighty oak.

Tossed in the tempest
Of a cold front
Sweeping across
The souls
And lives
And land
That lifts its
Head once more
With familiar expectation

A stiff West wind
Taking the deadwood
Taking the weakness
Leaving room
For the live
To grow
And strengthen
And remain
And change.

Each September dance
Of wind and cloud
Leaves chaotic paths
In my soul
And I reconfigure
Myself again
And I remain.

-- Meredith Wert 9/11/2002