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Child's Play

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Challenge: M7M Challenge for 13 May 2003: one or more of the boys help in a birth
Character: Josiah
Unverse: ATF
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Child's Play

He sat back listening to the laughter of his friends as Buck related Adamís birth. He could see the light in Bucks eyes and the sorrow that he hid so well. Thinking back to his own experiences, he tried to decide on one to tell.

His first experience came with his sisterís birth. They were overseas and the doctor lived in the next village. His father left to get him. Josiah didnít know what to do. He was terrified and watched his mother as she breathed quickly. "Momma, what do I do?" he asked.

"Just be here," came the reply.


"Itís alright," Josiahís deep voice soothed. He reached up and stroked the womanís hair. He had been helping out in the mission when she went into labor.

The ambulance had been called, but the baby didnít want to wait. One of the other workers had come to get him assuming he had some experience with this sort of thing. He knew none of the others did.

He had asked for clean towels and warm water. He prayed continuously that this birth would be devoid of complications. "The ambulance is here!" someone cried. Josiah closed his eyes in thanks.


"Chris, I have to leave now," Josiah said.

"Weíre two days away from this bust and you want to leave work at noon," Chris said glaring at Josiah. "Why?"

Josiah sighed. He hadnít wanted this to be a big deal, but now it was going to be. Looking at his feet, he explained, "You remember me talking about Lydia, donít you?"

Chris nodded.

"She didnít have a lamaze partner. I offered to help. She just went into laborÖ I need to be there."

"And you didnít tell us so we could start a betting pool?" Chris asked with a smile.


"Thatís disgusting!" JD cried. Josiah sat back smiled. He knew the story he had chosen would garner that result. He had decided upon it mostly to see the reaction of his young brothers. "You ate the placenta!"

Vin and Josiah exchanged a smile over the green tinge that colored the otherís faces. Both had seen enough of other cultures not to be surprised.

Josiah sighed. "Itís a great honor to assist in the birth. It was an even greater honor to be asked to partake in that ceremony, and a blood offense to refuse."

"Still gross," JD muttered.


"Dear Lord," Josiah prayed. "Let us get to the hospital safely and in time. Please Lord, let the birth be trouble free and wait until we arrive at the hospital. How much longer, Ezra?" Josiah asked. Holding the hand of the young woman theyíd found in the alley.

"We have arrived," Ezra said, parking the van by the emergency room doors.

Josiah lifted the young woman and carried her in. Once on the gurney, she refused to release his hand. "Go with me," she begged.

Unable to resist, Josiah walked next to her to assist in whatever way he could.

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