The Magnificent Seven M7M Challenge

All In A Day's Work

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Challenge: M7M Challenge for 13 May 2003: one or more of the boys help in a birth
Character: Nathan
Unverse: LB-ATF, ATF
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All In A Day's Work

(ATF - AU)

Nathan sighed. Yes, he had been trained, but around this group of yahoos, dealing with bullet wounds, broken bones, cuts and contusions was far more necessary than helping a woman give birth.

The seven had spotted the minivan on the side of the road and stopped to help. They found a woman in what Nathan thought were the last stages of labor. Vin and JD had taken the womanís other kids to a field and had them running around playing tag. The rest of the team stared expectantly at Nathan.

Nathan prayed his memory didnít fail him.


(ATF - AU)

Heíd dealt with about every sort of trauma he could imagine. His friends, his brothers, had put him through some of the most emotionally draining and terrifying experiences of his life. But nothing had terrified him as much as this.

All the guys were laughing, but he didnít care; he couldnít get past his own nervousness. He had never done something so important, so terrifying in all his life. The nurse had to help him with his scrubs.

"OK, Mr. Jackson," the smiling nurse encouraged, "letís get you in there to help your wife with this birth."



"Uncle Nathan," JD asked, looking up at into his warm brown eyes, "whatís that elephant doing?"

Nathan looked over and smiled. He had taken the Vin and JD to the zoo since both Chris and Buck were out of town. The news had carried stories about the pregnant elephant, but he hadnít expected to see it give birth. Vin had wandered off into a personnel only area and Nathan had taken JD with him. They found Vin staring through the bars at the elephant. "Sheís having a baby right now, JD," he answered.

"Are you going to help her?"


(ATF - AU)

Nathan reached over, his hand moving aimlessly around the nightstand until he finally found the cause of the offending noise. "Jackson," he mumbled.

"Nate!" came Buckís relieved cry. "Ya gotta help me!"

Awake and praying his hearing was still intact, Nathan flicked on the bedside lamp. "What is it?" he asked.

"Iím at the diner around the corner from your place. The girl Iím with is in labor. Ya gotta come help me. The ambulance wonít be here for at least an hour - huge accident."

Wondering how he was going to help, Nathan replied, "Iíll be there in five minutes."


(ATF - AU)

"Itís OK maíam, just breathe," Nathan encouraged. He and Rain had finally gotten away on vacation to what they thought was a remote spot in the mountains. That morning theyíd been hiking when they stumbled across a woman obviously in labor.

Rain had left to get help and Nathan had been surprised by the rapid progress of the labor. He had been hoping Rain would be back before it got to this stage. "Now, listen closely and do what I ask. Everythingís going to be fine," he soothed, hoping he wasnít lying to the woman.

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