The Magnificent Seven M7M Challenge

Wee Ones

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belong to MGM, Trilogy, etc.
Challenge: M7M Challenge for 13 May 2003: one or more of the boys help in a birth
Character: Vin
Unverse: ATF
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Wee Ones

"OK, I just need you to breathe," Vin said calmly. He knew this wasn’t easy on the woman, but he needed her calm and in control. He found himself being overwhelmed by his own memories.

The first birth he’d seen had been that of a horse. He’d been at the foster home for about a month when the mare began to foal. He and the other kids had been awakened to see the sight. Vin had been awed at the sight of a new life coming into the world.

He was snapped back to the present by a moan.


"The ambulance is coming, just breathe for me," Vin encouraged.

His mind drifted back to another time and another woman, girl really. He’d been on the streets about five months when he found a girl in the alley. She was in a lot of pain, Vin stopped to see what was wrong. She was in labor and it wasn’t good.

Vin wanted to get help, but she wouldn’t let go of his hand. In the end he stood there speaking quietly to her while mother and child died.

"It’s coming!" The shout brought his mind back to the present.


"OK," Vin said calmly. "I need you to pay very close attention to me…" He continued his soothing talk as his mind once again returned to his past.

"Leave her!" his Lieutenant commanded.

How? Vin wanted to scream. The woman needed help. She was in the last stages of labor. "I can see the head!" Vin screamed back as bullets slammed into the wall nearby.

"Move it, Tanner!" the lieutenant shouted. "That’s an order!"

Cursing, Vin stood and followed his unit, leaving the woman behind.

His mind returned to the present as he placed his hand under the delicate head.


"That’s it, you’re doing great," Vin smiled up at the nearly exhausted woman. "One more big push and we’ll be set," he encouraged, his mind returning to the recent past.

Vin thought of the last time he heard those words

His neighbor, Rosa, went in to labor. Vin had been asked to stand in when George couldn’t get off work. George showed up as the baby crowned.

Vin stayed back, watching with awe as the doctor encouraged, "OK, one more big push…"

Returning his attention to the task on-hand, Vin prepared for the final push.


He couldn’t stop the wide smile. From previous experience he knew about the afterbirth, but how could you hold the slippery little bundle and not be in awe. Quickly cleaning out the baby’s mouth, holding it upside down and smacking the bottom of the baby’s feet, Vin heard the small cry.

Wrapping the baby in his shirt, he found the string he needed and tied off the umbilical cord and cut it with his knife. Bringing the baby up to be held by her mother, he said "You’ve got a beautiful little girl here who wants to meet her mother."

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